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Multicultural Community Spaces


Our multicultural and minority culture lounges are just one of the ways we show our commitment to celebrating and promoting diversity, equity and inclusion. Born out of the Black Action Movement in the 1970s, these lounges are distinct from other lounges in residence halls because they recognize the activism and accomplishments of underrepresented groups; today they are havens of support, solidarity, and sharing among residents.

To learn more about the multicultural lounge program, visit the new website! On the website, you will find more information on the history of the multicultural lounge program, opportunities offered through the Diversity and Inclusion office – M Housing, and in-depth looks at the multicultural and minority culture lounges themselves through images, storytelling, and artwork.

For more information on any of the multicultural and minority culture lounges please contact our diversity and inclusion team.

Multicultural Lounge Hours

All of the multicultural lounges are open daily for students to utilize for studying and as social spaces. Student staff work up to 8 hours weekly in each lounge to serve as a resource for students.

Residents of each building will have access to their community’s multicultural lounge(s)  from 10:00  a.m. to 12:00 a.m., Monday through Sunday. 

To view location information for each lounge, visit the multicultural lounge website.


Abeng Minority Lounge

The Abeng multicultural council and lounge, located in East Quad, were developed in 1971 as the result of the Black Action Movement (BAM).

Afro American Minority Lounge

The Afro American lounge, established in 1972, was the first lounge to be decorated with art and artifacts which reflected Black culture and history.

Angela Davis Minority Lounge

The multicultural lounge in Markley Hall, rededicated on October 17, 1991, celebrates the renowned and controversial political activist, Angela Davis.

Asubuhi Minority Lounge

The lounge serves as a storytelling educational gallery and features information about the Black Action Movement using historical newspapers and graphics.

Audre Lorde Minority Lounge

Lorde, a poet, teacher, librarian, and activist gained wide respect through her struggle against oppression based on race, sexual orientation, and gender.

CAMEO Minority Lounge

The CAMEO lounge in Couzens Hall is named after the hall's multicultural council, Couzens Active Minority Ethnic Organization.

Cesar Chavez Multicultural Lounge

Dedicated in 1995, the César Chávez Lounge, located in Mosher Jordan, honors César Chávez and the struggle of the United Farm Workers (UFW).

Edward Said Minority Lounge

The Edward Said Lounge, located in North Quad and dedicated in 2015, celebrates Said's contributions to the humanities and Arab-American culture.

Grace Lee Boggs Minority Lounge

Grace Lee Boggs was a Chinese-American author, social activist, philosopher and feminist. The lounge is dedicated to recognizing Bogg's social justice work.

Mahatma Gandhi Minority Lounge

The Oxford Hall's minority culture lounge pays tribute to Mahatma Gandhi, a civil rights pioneer who initiated the practice of non-violent protest.

Nikki Giovanni Minority Lounge

Dedicated in 1999 and located in Mosher Jordan, the lounge celebrates Giovanni's activism and literary contributions around race, gender, and sexuality.

Rosa Parks Minority Lounge

The Rosa Parks Lounge in Stockwell Hall was dedicated in 1973 and represents Park's dignity and strength in the struggle to end racial segregation.

The Connector

The Connector is Housing’s multicultural engagement center and expresses Housing’s commitment to celebrating and promoting diversity, equity and inclusion.

Umoja Minority Lounge

The name of this lounge, located in Alice Lloyd, was inspired by Kwanzaa, an African American holiday observed from December 26th to January 1st.

Vicky Barner Multicultural Lounge

This lounge was dedicated to commemorate Vicky's activism around equality and respect for the Native American community at the University of Michigan.

Yuri Kochiyama Multicultural Lounge

Kochiyama is well known for her liberation support work for political prisoners and reparation advocacy for Japanese Americans who were in internment camps.

Memorial Lounges

Arati Sharangpani

In 1998, the memorial lounge in Markley Hall was dedicated to celebrating Arati's life and spirit. In honor of Arati, the lounge was rededicated in 2003.

Reflection Rooms

There are three reflection rooms located in Michigan Housing spaces across campus. They may be used for meditation, prayer, or spending time in quiet reflection.

The reflection rooms located in The Connector and South Quad are intended for anyone in Michigan Housing. The Couzens Hall reflection room is for the hill community residents. And Bursley Hall’s reflection room is for Bursley residents.

A complete list of reflection rooms can be found on the Trotter Multicultural Center website