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Housing and COVID-19: the latest public health guidelines and testing information.

Health & Safety

Your well-being is of the utmost importance to us. As partners in your health and safety, we ask that you familiarize yourself with all of the services available to you.

Housing Security

We have a dedicated staff of security officers whose sole responsibility is to provide a safe and secure environment for all residents, staff and guests of our residence halls. Learn more about Housing Security.

Michigan Housing values inclusion and being a supportive home for residents of all identities. We are committed to providing support for those who may be targets of, or affected by, a campus climate concern or concern on campus and encourage anyone to report an incident to Michigan Housing or the Campus Climate Support staff team.  
For more information on how to report an incident, please connect with Housing staff at the Community Center, Housing Diversity and Inclusion staff at or in The Connector on Central Campus, or please visit the Campus Climate Support (CCS) website for more information and ways to report an incident. 

Residential Staff

If you need to speak to someone in your residence hall about a concern or a non-life-threatening emergency, contact the residential staff member who is on call. They are trained to help you identify and take the necessary steps to work through your situation.

Emergencies And Safety Concerns

The Division of Public Safety & Security works around the clock to ensure our community is safe. We encourage you to explore their website to learn more about their services and read their fire safety tips. Be sure to sign up for their text Emergency Alerts. You can also contact DPSS to report any unusual behavior or safety concerns.

Health and Wellness

If you are an enrolled student, and you are not feeling well, please contact University Health Service. In addition to being a full-service health care facility, they also have a nurse advice line, offer nutrition consultations and a host of other wellness services.

Visit the Student Life Well-Being website for information about wellness classes, support organizations and tips on staying healthy.

Check out the Find Community page for ideas on meeting new friends, staying active, volunteering—and more!

If you are looking for opportunities to keep physically fit, you’ll find support at Recreational Sports.

If you are feeling anxious, depressed, stressed out, or if you just need someone to talk to, please contact U-M Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS).

Personal Property Protection

We recommend that you register and insure all of your personal belongings. First check if your belongings are covered by an existing homeowners policy. If not, consider purchasing an individual policy. One option is GradGuard™, a service provided by Next Generation Insurance Group, LLC. It’s a specific Renters Insurance Plan designed especially for students.

To register your bike, electronics, and other valuables visit Division of Public Safety & Security.

In addition, we suggest that you mark all personal belongings, keep your doors locked and don’t leave valuables unattended when you are out and about.

Residence Hall COVID-19 Dashboard

Review this COVID-19 Housing community dashboard to see the total number of COVID-19 cases in our Housing community. You can also find the Housing community numbers along with more comprehensive COVID-19 data, on the COVID-19 Dashboard on the Campus Maize and Blueprint website.

Public Health Informed Residential Guidelines for COVID-19

The University of Michigan aims to deliver on its mission while protecting the health and safety of our students and minimizing the potential spread of disease within our community. We know that COVID-19 will have an impact on your experience at the University of Michigan and in Michigan Housing. Our goal is to provide you with a living environment that will be safe, where you can build lifelong friendships, and one that enhances your college learning experience. We are depending on every individual to ensure that we can continue providing a healthy community during these unprecedented times. We appreciate your partnership in demonstrating care and consideration for the health and safety of all community members. For more information on creating a culture of care together, take a look at the Maize and BluePrint.

We are depending on all of our community members to ensure that we can continue providing a safe learning environment during these unprecedented times, and we thank you for your participation.

Here are some questions to discuss with your roommate(s) as you prepare to live in a communal space:
  • What practices have you adopted to stay safe during the pandemic?
  • Are you (or your family members) a part of a vulnerable population?
  • How are you practicing social distancing?
  • Are you committing to not socializing in large groups and to wearing a mask when socializing in small groups?
  • What does “clean” mean to you?
  • Do you have plans to travel this year?
  • Will new items be cleaned or disinfected before bringing them into the space?
  • What additional measures do you want to take in your space to stay healthy?
Here are a few expectations to keep in mind as you build community with us this year
  • Michigan Housing Spaces - Space use will have guidelines as we navigate this new environment.
  • All lounge and community spaces will be closed during move-in and for the first two-weeks of classes after which space use policies will be re-evaluated.
  • Community kitchens in residence halls will be closed for the Fall semester.
  • Depending on elevator size, capacity levels will vary to comply with social distancing guidelines provided by public health professionals.
  • Other community spaces will have limitations on their use. Guidelines for each space will be outlined on signage both inside and outside of the area.
  • Face Coverings - In accordance with the University of Michigan Face Covering Policy for COVID-19, all students are required to wear a face covering that covers the mouth and nose anywhere on campus grounds. This includes when inside buildings and outdoors as well as on and while waiting for U-M transportation. Face coverings must be worn until you enter your assigned room, suite, or apartment.
  • Guests - At this time, guests are not permitted in the residential and apartment communities until further notice. Guests are defined as any individual or group of individuals who do not live in your assigned Michigan Housing room or apartment.
  • Signage - Remember to look at and read all Michigan Housing signage posted around our communities. This signage may change as public health-informed guidance evolves.
For more information, please visit the UHS website or the Maize and BluePrint