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Diversity and Inclusion

You belong here.

Michigan Housing values diversity and inclusion and being a supportive home for residents of all identities. We strive for every resident to call Michigan Housing home. A place where you feel supported in who you are. A place where you have the opportunity to live and learn alongside people who are different than you.

Our Diversity and Inclusion staff are located in The Connector and they manage diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives and campaigns on behalf of Michigan Housing. You can contact Diversity and Inclusion staff at [email protected].

Join the team at Diversity and Inclusion at events scheduled in residential halls across campus. These community-building events are a great place to relax, meet other students, and make meaningful connections.

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Our Mission

Diversity and Inclusion leads Michigan Housing in facilitating connections, educational opportunities, programs, and physical spaces that intentionally foster a sense of belonging for all residents and staff.

Our Values Guide Us

Our values were created with the well-being and support of students in mind. These values are reflected, every day, in the work we do.


We aspire in our diversity, equity, and inclusion work, for individuals to feel validated, recognized, acknowledged, valued, and celebrated by the Michigan Housing community.

Community and Connection

We commit to creating environments where communities are nurtured. To create social change, we believe connection must come from dialogue, creating coalitions across social identities, and bringing diverse groups to this work.

Honoring History and Legacy

We stand on the history and legacy of those who came before us and acknowledge we are entrusted with the physical spaces, programs, and staff that serve the DEI mission.


We will lead with honesty and authenticity, and we believe behavior should align with the department’s expressed values.

Restorative Practice

As community members, it is critical that we recognize our impact and role in the community, when we have caused harm, and how to restore the community when harm has been caused.


We have Diversity Peer Educators (DPEs) in each undergraduate community to assist in the development of a community that is inclusive for students across all social identities. DPEs conduct educational, cultural, social, and personal enrichment programs that promote the ideals of social justice. Further, they serve as a resource to support students who are targeted in their identities and social memberships by responding to potential campus climate concerns or behaviors that negatively affect the community and campus climate.

Multicultural Council

Each undergraduate community has a Multicultural Council made up of residents. The Multicultural Councils aim to engage residents in diversity, equity, and inclusion and cultural awareness by organizing community-wide events. If you are interested in joining your multicultural council please contact your community DPE or email [email protected].

Multicultural Lounge and Connector Community Assistants

The Multicultural Lounge Community Assistants (MLCA) and Connector Community Assistants (CCA) assist in creating a space where community members can engage with diverse ideas, perspectives and stories of individuals and communities through participation in a variety of programs and activities that occur in the multicultural and minority culture spaces.

Michigan Housing values inclusion and being a supportive home for residents of all identities. We are committed to providing support for those who may be targets of, or affected by, a campus climate incident or concern on campus. We encourage anyone to report an incident to Michigan Housing or the Campus Climate Support Team.  
For more information on how to report an incident, please connect with Housing staff at the Community Center, Housing Diversity and Inclusion staff at [email protected] or in The Connector on Central Campus, or please visit the Campus Climate Concern website for more information and ways to report an incident.