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Undergraduate Move-In And Move-Out


We’re excited to welcome you to your new home on campus! Time to start planning and get ready to move in. Mark your calendar for student move-in August 23-27, 2023.

In mid-July, students will be contacted to select a specific time slot for a day and time to move-in from time slots available. To smooth your move and ease traffic around the halls, all move-in times will be by your pre-selected time slots only.


If you are part of a program that moves in early (for example, the U-M Marching Band), please contact your program directly for move-in details.


  • Move in Maps (available July) and a  good navigation app (like Waze) can assist you in navigating to Ann Arbor. Note there are traffic detours in place during move in.

  • Arrive during your assigned move in time slot and day for a smooth move-in experience.

  • Staff will be ready to  greet you, assist with directing traffic, and guide you to the check-in station.

  • Display your unloading permit in your car window.


  • Use your Mcard( if you have one)to enter the building and follow signs to the check-in location.

  • Sanitized moving carts are available for your use.

  • If you are unexpectedly delayed and arrive late, follow the posted signs for assistance.


  • After unloading, please move vehicles away from the building to post check-in parking.

  • Be sure to complete your Room Inventory Form (RCI). If your room requires any repairs, report them using the online FIXIT form. Forms should be returned to the community center within 48 hours of your move-in.Residents are responsible for the condition of the space upon move-out so this form is an important one to complete.  Visit the MHousing policies page for further information about what to expect regarding the condition of your living space at move-out.

  • Begin unpacking and getting settled into your room.  We are happy to have you on campus and have a great semester. Go Blue!

Shipping & Storage

Our package rooms are unable to accept packages prior to August 28, so plan for your packages to arrive a little after you do.

John’s Pack and Ship (JPS), a university partner, can assist you with the shipping of your belongings.  Boxes received at JPS by August 12 will be in your room when you arrive. Please note that JPS will not accept packages prior to June 28th.


If you would like to rent an appliance for your room, including refrigerators and microwaves, contact College Products.


Your modular furniture can be set up in any of four approved configurations. You may be happy with your current configuration, but if you want to make a change, please review and follow all safety requirements and assembly instructions. For safety reasons, only the configurations presented here are allowed. You can check out which residence halls and apartments have which style of modular furniture here

If you need assistance to have your furniture lofted or arranged before you arrive, please contact College Products.

Visit the MHousing policies page for further information about what to expect regarding the condition of your living space at move-out.


Textbooks ordered through the University’s course materials partner, Barnes & Noble, can be shipped for free to their locations in the Michigan Union and Pierpont Commons. Look for a link in Wolverine Access where you find your course schedule.

Move in Maps