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Housing and COVID-19: View important information about winter term.

Returning Resident Housing

Students who currently live in Michigan Housing are eligible to participate in the returning resident housing process for the following academic year. Space is limited. Residents are not guaranteed on-campus housing and the variety of housing beyond the first year is limited.

Rooms are reserved in Stockwell, North Quad and in some Michigan Learning Community and Theme Community spaces. There is limited availability in the Betsy Barbour Residence, Bursley Hall, Helen Newberry Residence and Martha Cook. Approximately half of the available housing is single-room types.


Returning On-Campus Residents

If you currently live in a Michigan Housing residence hall you are eligible to return next year.

Michigan Housing makes every effort to accommodate both new and returning students. We are limited in the number of spaces we can offer returning undergraduates.

Students Returning from Study Abroad, co-op programs or INternships

Are you returning from an internship, study abroad program, or off-campus academic co-op program? Would you like to return to living on campus? Please submit the Return from Study Abroad, Co-Op Programs or Internship form.

Students who Currently live off campus

You are welcome to apply, but please understand current residents have first priority in the selection process. There is no guarantee on-campus housing will be available.  To see when your application process begins, consult the timeline.


January 20, 2020Registration opens 9:00 am.
January 20Roommate Finder opens.
January 22 Gender Inclusive Housing interest form is due by NOON.
January 22Suite Request forms due by NOON at the Housing Information Office.
January 22Registration closes at 11:59 pm.
January 23Room Locator opens 9:00 am.
January 30Pick your Residential College or Honors room.
February 5-6Pick your room.
General room selection for singles and doubles.
February 12-13Fall Wait list for Returning Residents
Available only to students with signed contracts for Fall 2020/Winter 2021. Register in person at the Housing Information Office between 8:30 am - 3:30 pm.
March 11Late Registration
Available to off-campus students and those who missed the earlier date. Register in person at the Housing Information Office between 8:30 am - 3:30 pm.

REturning Resident Housing Process: General Overview

The returning resident process begins in January. When registration opens, you’ll find a registration link on this page. Fill out and submit the registration form. That is how you let us know that you’d like to live on campus and that you’d like a selection time. After registration closes, you will receive an email with your randomly generated selection time. (Your selection time is the time when you can log in and choose from the available rooms.) On the day of your selection time, log in and select from the available rooms. In order to choose from the widest selection, log in as close as possible to your appointed selection time.

There is no guarantee of room availability.


The Roommate Finder is open during registration. If you find a roommate via Roommate Finder, or you already have a roommate in mind, both you and your proposed roommate need to request each other on the registration form—by name and U-M ID number. You will be issued the same selection time. At your selection time, go online to look at options, agree upon the open double you both want, and both of you select it.

Submitting your contract

If you select a room, your contract will be due within 24 hours. If we assign you a room, your contract will be due within 24 hours of notification. Each student needs to submit their individual contract on time, even if they are sharing a room or suite.

General Accommodation Options

We have singles, doubles, triples and suites available for returning students. You’ll find specific information for each option below.

If you live in a Theme Community or Michigan Learning Community, would like to live in Martha Cook or Henderson House, or have medical or chronic health accommodation needs, please see the Specific Accommodation Options section below for detailed  directions. If your situation is not reflected in any of the  Specific Accommodation Options, follow instructions for General Accommodation Options.

The majority of rooms are available in Stockwell and North Quad. There are a few rooms available in Betsy Barbour, Helen Newberry, Martha Cook and Bursley Hall. 

A limited number of triples are available and are assigned by housing staff. When filling out your registration form, you and your proposed roommates should indicate that you’d like to live in a triple. You should also request each other as roommates on the form. 

If you would like to apply for a suite, be sure to register by the date indicated in General Overview above. Then work with your intended roommates to complete the suite request form below. We can only consider forms that are filled out completely  (including signatures) and turned in to the Housing Office by noon on January 22.

Specific Housing Options

There are several gender inclusive housing options at the University of Michigan, including the Gender Inclusive Living Experience (GILE) Community for Undergraduate Students. If you are interested in being placed in a gender inclusive housing space, please complete the Gender Inclusive Housing Form or contact

Prospective residents interested in living in Henderson House must attend one informational session hosted in the house. The dates are November 17th (5:15 PM), December 8th (5:15 PM), January 20th (5:15 PM), or January 24th (5:15 PM) February 3rd at (5:15 PM). To register for a session, please visit the Sessions @ Michigan website. If you are unable to attend one of the four sessions offered or would like more information about Henderson House or the application process, please email

International Impact is designed for second-year students and above who are interested in advancing their knowledge and appreciation of our diverse, multicultural world. Learn more about Theme programming, expectations and how to apply to International Impact by visiting the International Impact page.

There are a limited number of rooms reserved for returning Honors students in Honors Housing. You will receive an email with a selection time slot on January 28. This time slot is the only opportunity you will have to select your own room.

Returning Martha Cook residents: Talk with the Martha Cook staff about the registration process.

If you are new to Martha Cook, you may choose from available rooms based on your general process selection time.

Accommodations for first-year residents with conditions that do not fall under the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) serve as a bridge to assist students with their transition from home to college.

You will receive an email from the Health Disability Coordinator by January 22 if you meet the ADA threshold.
We will work with returning residents with a legally qualifying disability to meet their individual needs and will engage in an interactive process to determine reasonable accommodations.

All residents, including those requesting placement based on medical need, must register between January 20 – January 22, 2020. If you have a newly diagnosed condition, email by NOON January 20th for further instructions.

If you are in an MLC, speak to your program staff about available space in the community and follow the returning resident process indicated by your community.

If you are returning to the RC, second-year students are required to live on campus. You will receive an email with a selection time on January 28. This time slot is the only opportunity you will have to select your own room. If you are a returning second-year RC student and you do not select a room, you will be assigned a room.

The Second-Year Experience (SYE) is a community focused on the unique needs and interests of second-year residents. Learn more about Theme programming, expectations and how to apply to SYE by visiting the Second Year Experience page.