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Returning resident housing 2023

Interested in returning to the residence halls next year? We’d love to have you back! We encourage you to read through all of the information below which talks about a number of different housing options and addresses situations that may apply to you.

Please note that space is limited and housing for returning students is not guaranteed.

Who is eligible?​

Any undergraduate student who currently resides within Michigan Housing and will be enrolled in classes for Fall 2023-Winter 2024. Students who currently reside off-campus are welcome to participate in the Late Room Selection process occurring after Spring Break.

What will be available?​

Mostly a mix of single rooms and suites. Double and Triple rooms are available and may be selected with preferred roommate(s) however rooms are limited. There are no apartments available.

The basics​

  1. Register online via the Michigan Housing business portal
  2. Follow the process for the type of room you want
  3. Submit your contract


Jan 4 (Wed)

Classes begin.

Jan 5 (Thu)

Jan 12 (Thu)

Registration opens for Returning Resident Housing Via the Housing Portal.

By Jan 16 (Mon)

5-8 person suite forms due to the Housing Information Office. See directions on form for more information.

Jan 18 (Wed)

Registration for Returning Resident Housing via the Housing Portal closes.

Theme Housing Applications due.

Jan 26 (Thu)

Honors/RC room self-selection.

Feb 1-2 (Wed-Thu)

General Housing Self-Selection Process (singles, doubles).

Feb 20 (Mon)

Contracts issued.

Feb 27 (Fri)

Contracts must be submitted by 12:00 noon to hold and secure room for 2023-2024.

Late February

Beyond the Diag off-campus housing fair.

Feb 25-Mar 6

Spring Break.

Mar 6-8 (Mon-Wed)

Waitlist process for students who have submitted contracts.

Mar 16 (Thu)

Late Room Selection (residents who missed regular process and off-campus students wanting to move on campus for fall).

Returning resident housing process: general overview ​

The returning resident process begins in January. When registration opens, you’ll find a registration link on this page to the Michigan Housing Business Portal. Fill out and submit the registration form. Submitting the form lets us know you are interested in on campus housing for the 2023-24 academic year, but does not commit you to a housing assignment. All students must submit a registration form even if your housing has been assigned through a living learning program, scholarship, or another method.

If you are participating in a room self-selection process, you will receive an email with your randomly generated selection time after registration closes. (Your selection time is the time when you can log in and choose from available rooms.)

At the appointed time, log in and select from the available rooms. In order to choose from the widest selection, log in as close as possible to your appointed selection time.

There is no guarantee of room availability.


The Roommate Finder is open during registration. If you find a roommate via Roommate Finder, or you already have a roommate in mind, both you and your proposed roommate need to request each other on the registration form—by UMID number. You will be issued the same self-selection time. At your selection time, go online to look at options, agree upon the open room you both want, and both of you select it. Don’t forget: each student must select their own space in a room.

Submitting your contract

Choosing a room is one step in the process. The process is not complete until you submit your housing contract online.

Whether you select a room or we assign your room, all contracts will be available on February 20th. Signed contracts are due no later than 5 business days later on February 24th.

Each student needs to submit their individual contract on time even if they are sharing a room or suite.

General accommodation options ​

We have a limited number of singles, doubles, triples and suites available for returning students. You’ll find specific information for each option below. Some information will not be available until early January.

If you live in a Theme Community or Michigan Learning Community, would like to live in Martha Cook or Henderson House, or have a health accommodation request, please see the “Specific Housing Options” section below for additional information.

Single or Double Rooms

More information about availability will be provided in January. We anticipate the majority of available single and double rooms will be in Stockwell and North Quad. There will be some rooms available in Betsy Barbour, Helen Newberry, Martha Cook and Bursley Hall.

Triple Rooms

A limited number of triples are available and are assigned by housing staff. When filling out your registration form, you and your proposed roommates should indicate that you’d like to live in a triple. You should request each other as roommates on the form.


If you would like to apply for a suite, be sure to register by the date indicated in the General Overview above. Then work with your intended roommates to complete the suite request form below. We can only consider forms that are filled out completely (including signatures) and turned in to the Housing Office by noon on January 16th. Forms may be handed in at the Michigan Housing office located at 1011 Student Activities Building or by email attachment to

Links to the forms will be available January 5, 2023.

Specific housing options

Gender Inclusive Housing

If you are interested in gender inclusive housing, please complete the Gender Inclusive Housing at Michigan form . For questions please contact

Henderson House

Prospective residents of Henderson House must attend one informational session hosted in the house. More information regarding information sessions will be posted in early January.

Honors Program

There are a limited number of rooms reserved for returning Honors students in Honors Housing. You will receive an email with a selection time slot prior to January 26. This time slot is the only opportunity you will have to select your own room in Honors Housing.

Please reach out to the Honors Program if you have questions about eligibility.

Martha Cook

Martha Cook, an all-women residence hall is home to 140 students. First-year through graduate students have found friends and home on campus at the Martha Cook Building for over 100 years.   If you would like to learn more about Martha Cook please email

Returning Martha Cook residents should talk with the Martha Cook staff about the registration process.

Health & Disability Accommodations

We wish for every student to secure housing that allows them access to the opportunities the University of Michigan has to offer.

Some students may have received medical, health, or disability-related accommodations within the residence halls as part of their transition to campus. Please note this does not guarantee the availability of on-campus housing for additional years at the University of Michigan. Options in the second-year and beyond are limited for all students.

Returning residents may self-select a room of their choosing based on availability. 

If you have a disability that you have not previously reported that you believe requires a housing accommodation, please report this to

All residents, including those requesting placement based on medical need, must register between January 12 – January 18. If you have a newly diagnosed condition, email by NOON January 18th for further instructions.  More information about the health and disability accommodation process can be found on the Additional Living Options web page.

Michigan Learning Communities (MLCs)

If you are in an MLC, speak to your program staff about available space in the community and follow the returning resident process indicated by your community. Students interested in the Global Scholars Program should review the information available here.

Residential College (RC)

If you are returning to the RC, you will receive an email with a selection time prior to January 26. This time slot is the only opportunity you will have to select your own room.

Theme Communities

Returning Residents are invited to apply for one of the following Returning Resident Theme Communities: International Impact, Second-Year Experience, and Adelia Cheever Scholar Program. Visit their respective webpages for more information before applying (spaces are limited) and follow the Returning Resident timeline above.