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Returning resident housing 2024

Current undergraduate residents wishing to live on campus next year must participate in this process.  Registration to participate in this process is required.   This information may change over time.


Room Self Selection Tutorial

Who is eligible?​

Any undergraduate student who currently resides within Michigan Housing and will be enrolled in classes for Fall 2024-Winter 2025. Students must be in compliance with the University vaccination policy in order to obtain a time slot for room selection. Check your status via VaxViewer.

What will be available?​

Space availability will be extremely limited.  We encourage students to have a backup plan if space is not available at their time of selection. We anticipate the majority of available spaces will be in Baits 2, Barbour, Bursley, Fletcher, Newberry, North Quad, Oxford, and Stockwell. There will be some rooms available in Martha Cook. 

Update on Space Availability (January 29, 2024):  Over 2,800 students have registered for the Returning Resident Housing process.  Approximately 1,100 spaces are available for selection during this process. If you are not able to select a space during this process, we encourage you to participate in the off-campus housing fairs on Feb 15 and 20. See the timeline below for more information.

Double rooms with a preferred roommate will be very limited.

The basic Process

  1. Register online via the M Housing business portal

  2. Follow the process for the type of room you want

  3. Select a room and submit your contract


  • Jan 10 (Wed) - Classes begin

  • By Jan 18 (Thu) - Theme Housing Applications due

  • Jan 22 (Mon) - Registration opens for Returning Resident Housing Via the Housing Portal 

  • Jan 26 (Fri) - Registration for Returning Resident Housing Via the Housing Portal closes at 11:59 pm

  • Jan 30 (Tue) - Housing Contracts offered for those in housing or programs that had their own internal process.

  • Jan 31 (Wed) - Housing Contracts offered on Jan 30 due by 5:00 pm

  • Feb 1 (Thu) - Time Slots for Self-Selection sent by UM email.

  • Feb 6 (Tue) - Self-Selection - Details in the section below.

  • Feb 9 (Fri) - Housing Contracts due by 5:00 pm

  • Feb 12 (Mon) - Waitlist process for students who have submitted contracts

  • Feb 15 (Thu)12-3pm - Beyond the Diag off-campus housing fair Michigan Union (Rogel Ballroom)

  • Feb 20 (Tue) 10 am-2 pm - Beyond the Diag Virtual Housing Fair Off campus housing website

  • Feb 24-Mar 3 - Spring Break


The returning resident process begins in January. When registration opens, you’ll find a registration link on the Housing Business Portal. Fill out and submit the registration form. That is how you let us know that you’d like to live on campus.  You can also form roommate groups at this time. 

Vaccination Policy Compliance

Students must be in compliance with the University vaccination policy in order to participate in any part of the process after registering. Check your status via VaxViewer to verify you are able to participate further.  It takes multiple days for vaccine compliance to show in the housing system; do not delay!


During the registration period, you may create roommate groups.  You will have the ability to add other residents that you know and search for others.


Some residents participating in programs will be pre-assigned rooms.  You will hear from your program or primary contact if this applies to you.  

If you are participating in self-selection you will receive an email with your randomly generated selection time. Your selection time is the time when you can log in and choose from the available rooms.  See the above timeline for the schedule.

In order to choose from the widest selection, please log in as close as possible to your appointed selection time.

There is no guarantee of room availability.

Roommate Group Selection

Assign a whole room for your group. Any member of a roommate group may log in at your selection time and choose a room for the group.  You may only choose a room that matches your group size.

  • 3 person groups can book a triple
  • 2 person groups can book a double

The member of the group that chooses the room must assign bed spaces for all members of the group in order to complete the process.  Once the assignments are confirmed, you cannot change the selection.

If you do not find a room that meets your group preferences, you will need to leave or delete the roommate group in order to individually choose bed spaces in a room from among available non-roommate group spaces. 

*North Quad 5 person suites are divided into a triple room and a double room.  More information on how to select bed spaces in a suite is coming soon. 

*Residential College and Honors Housing students may choose from program spaces or general spaces.  Please note, if your roommate group has members who are not in the program, you cannot choose a room in your program.

Individual Selection

Select your own bed space from all available options.  

Each person selects their own bed space in an available room whether whole or partially filled.  

Important:  You must not be in a roommate group in order to choose a space for only yourself.

*Residential College and Honors Housing students may choose from program spaces or general spaces.

Submitting your contract

Whether you select a room or we assign your room, you will need to submit a contract. Each student needs to submit a contract, even if sharing a room or suite.

Every individual with a housing assignment must submit a  housing contract no later than 5:00 pm on Friday, February 9th to secure on-campus housing for the 2024-2025 academic year. 

Contracts not submitted by the deadline will be canceled.

GENERAL options ​

General Room Availability

We have a limited number of spaces available for returning residents. You’ll find specific information for each option below.  Some information may not be available until early January.

  • Single and Double Occupancy
    • Doubles will be primarily available in Oxford, Martha Cook and Baits II.   North Quad will have double rooms within suites.
    • Singles available in Betsy Barbour, Helen Newberry, Martha Cook, Stockwell, North Quad and Bursley Hall.  
  • Triple Occupancy
    • Triples will be available in Fletcher Hall.  North Quad will have triple rooms within 5-person suites.


Gender Inclusive Housing

If you are interested in being placed in a gender inclusive housing space, please complete the Gender Inclusive Housing at Michigan form. For questions please contact [email protected].

Religious Observance

Accommodations for religious observance are made only during a student’s first-year. This does not guarantee on-campus housing, nor a specific placement in on-campus housing for additional years. Returning residents may self-select a room of their choosing based on availability. If you have questions, please contact [email protected]

Medical or Health Conditions

Some students may have received health or disability-related accommodations within the residence halls during their first year. Please note this does not guarantee the availability of on-campus housing for additional years at the University of Michigan. Options in the second-year and beyond are limited for all students.

Returning residents may self-select a room of their choosing based on availability. 

If you have questions, please contact [email protected]

All residents, including those requesting placement based on a health or disability need, must register. More information about the health and disability accommodation process can be found here: Additional Living Options


Henderson House

Prospective residents interested in living in Henderson House must attend an informational session. More information regarding information sessions will be posted in early January. 

Martha Cook

Are you interested in being part of an outstanding community of undergraduate and graduate women at the Martha Cook Building? You are invited to attend an information session during Friday Tea on January 12, 4:00-5:00 PM. Please register here to attend. Have questions or can’t make this date? Email [email protected] for more information.

Returning Martha Cook residents: speak with the Martha Cook staff about the registration process.

Michigan Learning Communities (MLCs)

If you are in an MLC, speak to your program staff about available space in the community and follow the returning resident process indicated by your community.  You are required to register for the Returning Resident Housing process as noted in the timeline above.  

  • Global Scholars Program
    • Students interested in the Global Scholars Program should review the information available here.
  • Honors Program
    • There are a limited number of rooms reserved for returning Honors students in Honors Housing. If you wish to reside in Honors, you are required to register for the Returning Resident Housing process as noted in the timeline above. 
  • Residential College (RC)
    • If you wish to reside in the RC, you are required to register for the Returning Resident Housing process as noted in the timeline above. 

Theme Communities