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International Impact

International Impact is designed for second-year students and above who are interested in advancing their knowledge and appreciation of our diverse, multicultural world. International Impact provides residents with the unique opportunity to build connections across disciplinary and geographical boundaries. With access to North Quad’s expansive resources, students living in International Impact are part of a vibrant environment in which formal and informal learning takes place.

“I’m a sophomore in the International Impact Theme Community and I can say that so far being a part of this community has been a very good experience for me. So far I would say that some of my favorite moments have been hanging out with my RA and getting to meet the other people on the floor. I feel that they’re all very nice and fun to be around. I was surprised about how much I could learn from the other people on my floor. Last year pretty much everyone on my hallway was a similar major so it was nice to get some other perspectives outside of that. I would definitely recommend joining a Theme Community to other students because it’s a great way to grow and develop as an individual as well as meet new great people.”

Seeing people from all different backgrounds live in harmony and work together gave me peace of mind. Outside of the dorm represents reality: people of the same nationalities, races and backgrounds stick together, but in the residence hall, what we want campus life to be comes to life: people that are different mix and mingle, and enjoy being around one another without the need to retreat to a safe space for fear of judgment, being ostracized or looked at differently just for being themselves. I’m so grateful to have been placed in North Quad; life here has been a breath of fresh air, and an escape from the stresses that come from sharing space with people who don’t always want to give that space up.”



  • Second-year students and above


  • Participate in welcome activities
  • Participate in programs and events
  • Actively participate in events on global issues
  • Develop critical, reflective, and empathetic perspectives on difference

To Apply:

The Returner Theme Community Application will launch on Thursday, January 5th, 2023 and close on Wednesday, January 18th, 2023.
Note: In order to be considered and accepted to a Theme Community, applicants MUST complete the Returning Resident Housing Process.

Apply Here!