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Housing and COVID-19: View important information about winter term.



Are undergraduate students able to live on campus in Winter 2021?

Yes. Michigan Housing will be open for Winter 2021, accommodating a limited number of residents in need who request it. Students will be assigned one to a room, and we will be able to house up to half the number of residents currently living in the halls, or about 3,000 residents.

While November 11 was the priority deadline for requesting on-campus housing, we still have a number of spaces in Michigan Housing available for students in need.

To support the public health of our community, the university is advising students, if they are able, to attend Winter 2021 classes remotely from their permanent residences. To make this possible, Michigan Housing is terminating undergraduate housing contracts for Winter 2021 and releasing all undergraduate residents from that financial obligation for winter term.

How do I request housing for Winter 2021?

To request a space for winter, you may complete the Winter 2021 Semester Housing Consideration form on the Housing Business Portal where you can detail your circumstances. Our priority will be to provide housing for those in need, carefully considering housing insecurities, health and safety concerns, financial circumstances, international status, specific academic program requirements for in-person instruction, and other extraordinary, extenuating circumstances.

In addition, to be eligible to return in Winter 2021, you are required to follow pre-departure protocols when you leave this term, which include mandatory COVID testing. Students who do not follow appropriate departure protocol may not be permitted to sign a Winter 2021 contract.

How many spaces will be available for undergraduates this winter?

Following guidance from the public health community, residents returning for winter term will be assigned one to a room. Based on this guidance, Michigan Housing will be de-densifying the residence halls and accommodating less than half of the current on-campus undergraduate population, about 3,000 students.

Will I be able to stay in my current room?

Students who are offered a space in Winter Term will receive new contracts, in many cases in a different room or building.

When will I know if I have a space for Winter 2021?

Our plan is to reply to all requests for Winter 2021 housing by November 16. While we may not have your Winter 2021 room and building determined, we will be able to confirm if you have a space.

If all students are assigned one per room, what rate will be charged?

While all undergraduates staying with us for Winter 2021 will have their own room, your contract will be for the standard double rate ( $5,922), which is lower than for the single room rate. If your room rate is already lower than the standard double, you will keep the rate on your current contract.

I did not live on campus this fall: is it possible to live on campus this winter?

At this time, only residents currently living in Michigan Housing will be able to apply for winter term through the request form.

I am a graduate student living in Northwood, Lawyers Club or Munger. May I cancel the remainder of my contract?

Graduate students are welcome to stay in Michigan Housing, with no change to their contract. If you do wish to cancel the remainder of the contract, please complete a departure notice on the Housing Business Portal by November 20, and we will cancel your housing contract for winter term and waive the early termination fees.


If I receive a housing space for Winter 2021, may I move my belongings to my new room before I leave for break?

We don’t anticipate this will be possible for most students, since we need to make sure your new space is comprehensively cleaned before you move in. Students whose permanent residence is close to campus may be given the opportunity to move over the semester break if possible.

My contract ends November 20. Will there be time afterwards to move out?

Yes. Move out will be extended through Sunday, November 22. Sign up here for a move-out timeslot; you can always go back and adjust it if your plans change.

I may not have time to pack my belongings before I leave. What are my options?

We understand. You can sign up to retrieve belongings through Sessions between November 30 and December 6, 2020. If you need to come after December 6, contact us at and we will work out a time that works for you.

You can call John’s Pack & Ship, a local company, and they will pack, ship or store your belongings. If you are interested in financial assistance to use John’s Pack & Ship, contact us at and we will consider requests on a case by case basis.

I can't come myself to pack up my things. Can I send someone else to pack up for me?

Yes! To authorize another person to collect and move out your belongings, complete this Authorization form.

Will there be packing supplies available?

Yes. Housing will provide packing supplies (boxes and tape) at the community center.

Where can I park for move out?

Parking meters in front of the residence halls will be bagged (no charge) to enable easier access to the residence halls on Wednesday, November 18 through Saturday, November 21.

Can I have people help me move out?

Yes! We understand if parents, family members, and friends want to help. Helpers are permitted under the recent Michigan Department of Health and Human Services guidelines, provided all helpers wear face coverings, observe social distancing, and limit the number of people in the building at the same time. We also encourage guests to complete the ResponsiBlue health screening.

I left campus during the Stay in Place but didn’t empty my belongings from my room. Do I need to collect my belongings? By when, and how?

If you are able to come back to campus before November 20th, please make arrangements to arrive between 9am – 9pm to move out of your room. If you need help accessing your room, visit the Community Center to obtain a temporary key. Your check-out process will be finalized after you complete an Express Check-out form at the Community Center before you depart.

If you need to arrive after November 30, you can sign up to retrieve belongings through Sessions between November 30 and December 6, 2020. You will still need to follow the university’s departure protocols when you initially leave.

If you are unable to come back to campus, you can call John’s Pack’n’Ship, a local company, and they will pack, ship or store your belongings. If you left campus between October 20 and November 3 and you’re interested in financial assistance to use John’s Pack & Ship, please fill out this form and we will follow up.

I have an Extended Term contract. When is my move out?

Students with Extended contracts for Fall 2020 may stay until their contract ends on December 18.

I plan on leaving at the end of my fall contract and not returning. What are the next steps?

Students returning to their permanent residences should follow the campus departure protocol. In addition, you will need to remove all your belongings from your room and check out of your residence hall or apartment community using the Express Check-out process.

I am leaving and I need to return the microfridge I rented. What should I do?

Please email and they will provide next steps.

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