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Housing and COVID-19: View important information about winter term.



Guests in your room/suite:

Residents must wear face coverings and observe social distancing while visiting the room of a fellow building community member. Please note: student rooms, suites, and apartments can only host one guest at a time.

Residents and off-campus students temporarily living in Quarantine/Isolation Housing are not allowed to have any guests under any circumstances.

Outside guests continue to not be allowed

Outside guests are defined as any individual or group of individuals who do not live in your assigned apartment, suite, or room. Guests from other buildings are considered outside guests. (For example, a resident of South Quad may NOT visit a room in West Quad.)

(Note: The outside guest policy does not apply to graduate students residing within Northwood apartments. It does apply to all undergraduates and to those staying in Quarantine/Isolation spaces on a short term basis.)

Social gatherings are not allowed

In the residential communities a social gathering is considered 3 or more individuals and are not allowed in any space. Therefore as mentioned above in your room, suite, or apartment you may only host one guest at a time.

(Note: residents and off-campus students temporarily living in Quarantine/Isolation Housing are not allowed to have any visitors under any circumstances.)

Face coverings must be worn

The University of Michigan Face Covering Policy for COVID-19 requires face coverings over the mouth and nose, inside buildings, outdoors and on U-M transportation. Face coverings do not need to be worn within the resident’s assigned residence hall room/suite or apartment, unless an authorized guest is present, or in a SINGLE occupancy study space when the resident is alone.

Social distancing is required

Residents must maintain at least six feet social distance in public spaces and when visiting a room within their building as outlined in policies and posted signage.


Is weekly COVID-19 testing required for students living in Michigan Housing?

Weekly COVID-19 testing through the university is required for all students living in Michigan Housing.

Is testing required for graduate and professional students?

Yes. In our ongoing effort to protect the campus community from the spread of COVID-19, graduate and professional students who live on or come to campus, will be required to complete weekly COVID-19 testing through the University of Michigan starting February 16.
Register and sign up for CSTP testing through a two-step process here.

Testing through University Health Service, Occupational Health Services or the Michigan Athletics program also meets the weekly testing requirement.

Beginning Feb. 8, all graduate and professional students will see the weekly COVID-19 testing status box in your ResponsiBLUE app. If you are up-to-date with testing through U-M, your last test date will display. For others, your screen will default to a test status of “Completed” with an expiration date of Feb. 16. You will have until Feb. 16 to get into compliance with the weekly COVID-19 testing expectation.

What happens if I miss my weekly COVID-19 test?

We hope you don’t! If you do, reschedule and test as quickly as you can. Without a current test result for that week uploaded to the university, you will not be able to use your MCard to access Dining or Rec Sports. So be proactive and get tested regularly.

I was recently diagnosed as COVID-19 positive. Do I still need to participate in mandatory testing?

Not right away. If you test positive for COVID-19 positive, you will be excluded from testing requirements for 90 days from the date of your test. After 90 days, you will be required to resume weekly mandatory testing. But you do need to share your result with UHS. Please click here to report an external positive test result. Once UHS has verified your result, your ResponsiBLUE indicator will show a green check.

I’m an athlete so I get tested regularly. Do those tests count?

Yes — after January 25, the university will check with Athletics each week to track which student athletes have tested. The ResponsiBLUE app will reflect this testing information.

I've been vaccinated against COVID-19, do I still need to participate in weekly mandatory testing?

Yes. Weekly COVID-19 testing is still required for Housing residents who have received a vaccination. We don’t have enough data about the effectiveness of the vaccine to say whether it provides full protection against contracting COVID-19.

Do I need an appointment to get my weekly test?

Not if you use drop-in testing at Bursley residence hall, all other sites do require you to sign up in advance. Check here for updated testing locations.

For additional questions about testing compliance, please send questions to:



To protect you and our community, the university is introducing three public health-informed requirements for all students in residence halls for the Winter 2021 semester:
  • Influenza vaccination. Influenza (“the flu”) and COVID-19 have similar symptoms. Preventing the spread of respiratory illness is vital for your health and the health of the U-M community. As a condition of living in Housing for Winter 2021, you are required to receive the 2020-2021 flu vaccine. This requirement will provide an additional protection to the Housing residential community while our students and health care systems are also impacted by COVID-19. More information is available on the CDC webpage.

  • COVID-19 test prior to arrival on campus for Winter 2021. Similar to the pre-arrival testing program last semester, you will be required to take a COVID-19 test prior to arrival. Quest Diagnostics will mail a pre-arrival test kit to your permanent residence in early January. All residents are required to provide confirmation of their negative test, or exemption, to receive their key at check-in.
  • Mandatory weekly COVID-19 test. In the Winter 2021 semester you will be required to take a weekly COVID-19 test through the Community Sampling & Tracking Program (CSTP). Testing will take place in convenient locations around campus and in some of the Residence Halls.


Yes. Michigan Housing will be open for Winter 2021, accommodating a limited number of residents in need who request it. Students will be assigned one to a room, and we will be able to house up to half the number of residents currently living in the halls, or about 3,000 residents.

While November 11 was the priority deadline for requesting on-campus housing, we still have a number of spaces in Michigan Housing available for students in need.

To support the public health of our community, the university is advising students, if they are able, to attend Winter 2021 classes remotely from their permanent residences. To make this possible, Michigan Housing is terminating undergraduate housing contracts for Winter 2021 and releasing all undergraduate residents from that financial obligation for winter term.

How do I request housing for Winter 2021?

To request a space for winter, you may complete the Winter 2021 Semester Housing Consideration form on the Housing Business Portal where you can detail your circumstances. Our priority will be to provide housing for those in need, carefully considering housing insecurities, health and safety concerns, financial circumstances, international status, specific academic program requirements for in-person instruction, and other extraordinary, extenuating circumstances.

In addition, to be eligible to return in Winter 2021, you are required to follow pre-departure protocols when you leave this term, which include mandatory COVID testing. Students who do not follow appropriate departure protocol may not be permitted to sign a Winter 2021 contract.

How many spaces will be available for undergraduates this winter?

Following guidance from the public health community, residents returning for winter term will be assigned one to a room. Based on this guidance, Michigan Housing will be de-densifying the residence halls and accommodating less than half of the current on-campus undergraduate population, about 3,000 students.

If all students are assigned one per room, what rate will be charged?

While all undergraduates staying with us for Winter 2021 will have their own room, your contract will be for the standard double rate ( $5,922), which is lower than for the single room rate. If your room rate is already lower than the standard double, you will keep the rate on your current contract.

Dining Information

For the most up-to-date dining information, visit the Michigan Dining FAQ



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