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Housing and COVID-19: the latest public health guidelines and testing information.

Spring/Summer Term Student Housing

Applications for Spring/Summer term housing will be available on Wednesday, March 24. All enrolled (either in-person courses or remote) undergraduate students will be eligible to apply for either Spring term, Summer term, or both. Assignments will be made on a rolling basis. All students will be assigned to a single room.

Our priority will be to provide housing for those in need, carefully considering:
  • Health/Wellness
  • Safety Concerns

  • International Status

  • Financial Need

  • Specific Academic Need
  • Other Extraordinary/Extenuating Circumstances.

You will be able to describe more about your particular needs on the application.

Contract dates

  • Spring term: May 3, 2021 - June 25, 2021

  • Summer term: June 28, 2021 - August 20, 2021

  • Combined: May 3, 2021 - August 20, 2021


  • Room: $1,700 per term

  • Board: $1,213 per term

Students are billed room and board by the term.

It is important to note that public health guidelines are still in place for Spring and Summer terms, including:
  • Weekly mandatory COVID-19 testing through the Community Sampling and Tracking Program (CSTP), even for those students who have been vaccinated.

  • Face coverings must be worn when on-campus, with the exception of when alone in your assigned residence hall room or in a single occupancy study space.

  • Students must adhere to social distancing guidelines
  • As public health guidelines evolve and change, housing information will be posted on the Housing and COVID-19 section of the Housing website.

For questions please email



The move-in process reflects public health measures including wearing face coverings, maintaining social distance of at least 6 feet from others, and washing hands.

Login in to your student housing portal and access any forms and information you need. Prior to move-in day, you will need to have completed your pre-check-in form. Specific information is available here:

MOVE-IN DAY: JUNE 26, 2021

  • Plan to arrive at West Quad Residence Hall between 9:00 am - 4:00 pm to move in.

  • If you are new to the University, pick up your Mcard at the Mcard Center at the Student Activities Building between 10am-3pm on Monday. A temporary card will  be given to you at check-in until you get your permanent Mcard

  • Bring your M-card for entrance.
  • Show your ResponsiBLUE app health screening at the Community Center desk.

  • Check in to get your room key and mailbox combination.

  • Sanitized blue bin moving carts are available for your moving convenience.
  • Some parking meters will be bagged for your move-in parking convenience for 30 minutes. Parking is free at those meters. If you park at an unbagged meter, plan to pay the applicable fees.
  • Move-in helpers – feel free to bring 1-2 persons to help you move in. Remind helpers to follow public health protocols by wearing a face covering at all times, socially distance from others, and complete the Guest ResponsiBLUE health screening prior to entering the building.

Questions? Let us know how we can help: