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Gender Inclusive Housing

Michigan Housing is committed to providing a safe, inclusive and supportive experience for all students. We offer a variety of options to ensure that Michigan Housing is a supportive space for residents of all gender identities and gender expressions. Gender Inclusive Housing provides options for graduate and undergraduate students with access to gender inclusive bathrooms.

Undergraduate Options
Graduate Options

If you’re unsure what option will work best for you, we can provide a personal and confidential assessment of the available options. Please contact to meet with a professional staff member.

Students who request gender inclusive housing will work directly with staff in Diversity and Inclusion the Housing Information Office (HIO) as the contract holder when they choose housing. A parent/guardian’s signature is only required on the housing contract for students under the age of 18.

Undergraduate Student Options

Gender Inclusive Living Experience (Gile)

Gender Inclusive Living Experience (GILE) is a community open to anyone looking for a safe, inclusive, and supportive living experience. GILE is open to students of any gender identity or gender expression, and allies who have a reflective understanding of gender and will actively contribute to an inclusive community. GILE residents live in a cluster of rooms on the same hallway and have access to single-user and multi-stall gender inclusive community bathrooms.

GILE is a partnership between Michigan Housing and the Spectrum Center. Residents can look forward to participating in programming and workshops related to LGBTQ+ identities and learning how to access resources on campus.

What is your favorite memory from your GILE Community experience so far this year?

“Within GILE, we organized a weekly Game Night! We all take one night of the week to spend time together and play games. There are snacks and it’s always a great time. It’s a lovely opportunity to take a break from our studies and be around other trans folk/allies. It’s always the high point of my weeks.”

What surprised you the most (in a positive way) about your GILE Community experience?

“I originally didn’t want to live in GILE; I just wanted a co-ed hall and access to an inclusive restroom. However, Bursley didn’t have one, so I was moved to GILE. I was surprised that I actually loved being around people who were like me. I originally didn’t want to be constantly reminded of my trans-ness, but with this group, I actually think about it less. Everyone is so accepting and aware. It’s easy to be around them. It honestly feels like a family.”

Why would you encourage other students to think about joining GILE?

“Especially for first-year students, it’s really wonderful having a family base right away. We hold each other accountable and care for each other, but we still are able to have some space when we need it. We also live just down the hall from each other, so it feels like we really are an authentic family. Cheesy, maybe — but it feels like home.”

GILE Community Guidelines

  • Respect everyone’s gender and sexuality
  • Value all social identities and how they intersect in individuals
  • Respect and use desired names and pronouns
  • Recognize that how and when someone chooses to share aspects of their identity is their choice
  • Invite others into the conversation
  • Recognize that we are all part of this community. Therefore, everyone’s voice and story has value and I will remember that their story is their truth.
  • Continually reassess how we’re supporting each other and commit to improving when possible
  • Acknowledge that confidentiality is important to create a safe space for individuals.

GILE is located in East Quadrangle. Students interested in GILE should complete the Gender Inclusive Housing Form.

Additional undergraduate options

There are various options available for students who would like a gender inclusive housing space within our communities. The majority of the communities have gender inclusive bathrooms available for residents. Rooms that are designated as gender inclusive may have residents of any gender identity or gender expression assigned to them.

Gender Inclusive Housing spaces are available within the Michigan Learning Communities and Theme Communities. Diversity and Inclusion works with all students who have gender inclusive needs to place them in a space that works for each individual.

If you are interested in being placed in a non-community based or MLC/Theme gender inclusive housing option, complete the Gender Inclusive Housing Form.

Graduate Student Options

Both Munger and Northwood have gender inclusive housing options for graduate students.

Please complete the Gender Inclusive Housing Form and a staff member will connect directly with you to explore options available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit our Knowledge Base to see our list of frequently asked questions about Gender Inclusive Housing.