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Undergraduate Room Swap

Consider a room swap when a you have contract but would like to live in a different location. You are responsible for finding a person with whom to swap rooms. To help you along, we facilitate an online room swap bulletin board. Swaps are only allowed between U-M enrolled students with signed Housing contracts.

You may swap rooms in the same hall or two different halls. You cannot swap into a vacant space, nor can you swap into a space for which you are not eligible. (Eligibility usually relates to gender or academic year, but could also relate to an academic program or other consideration.

If the swap results in a change to your housing type, you will be billed (or credited) based on the rate of the space into which you are moving. If you move into a substance-free space, you will have to abide by the substance-free policies. 

Due to the differences in the Housing application processes and contracts, Martha Cook and Florent Gillet residents cannot swap out of their residence.

Room swaps end August 6, 2024.