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SubFree provides a community for students seeking to live in an environment free of alcohol and drugs. The theme community was created so that students who prefer to live in a substance-free area could do so with the support and respect of their peers. Your RA will provide a variety of social events focusing on education, wellness, and other needs. All students in this theme are committed to a substance-free residential experience.

“My favorite thing about being in the SubFree Theme Community is having people to hang out with on a Friday or Saturday night when everyone else is going out. We’ve had a lot of fun nights watching Netflix, eating Oreos, and playing board games. So if you’re a first-year looking for a group of friends that will be with you for the rest of college, this is definitely the place for you!”



  • First-year students


  • Participate in welcome activities
  • Participate in programs and events
  • Adhere to being substance free in the community

To Apply:

  • Complete the online University Housing application.
  • Indicate the Theme Communities that interest you (up to 2) on the application.
  • Fill out the Theme Community application attached to the Housing application.
  • Some Theme Communities require a short essay. The essay questions are on the application.
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