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Multicultural Housing Community

Multicultural Housing Community (MHC) is designed to facilitate intentional and deep communication and understanding among students of diverse backgrounds and identities. Students experience how to be accountable to their inclusive community. The community meaningfully engages in social justice education and restorative justice practices within their community and thinks critically about how these values manifest in the residential community, on campus and globally.

Social justice is a way to promote diversity and inclusion within the community through education and community engagement. We strive to recognize the global society and diverse communities that our students makeup and by doing that, create inclusive communities. Restorative justice practices engage community members in conversations about harm and collective accountability. The restorative framework emphasizes respect, relationships and responsibility.

  • MHC is a partnership between Michigan Housing and Diversity and Inclusion. Residents can look forward to participating in regular dialogues about diversity and inclusion, gain skills in planning and facilitating diversity and inclusion programming and participating in signature events.


  • First-year students


  • Attend the MHC Retreat (will serve as 1st floor meeting & training with D&I staff)
  • Have a 1:1 with their DPE during the 1st six weeks of the Semester
  • Attend MHC Family Night (2 hours on the last thursday of each Month)
  • Attend one community building activity led by peers each semester
  • Plan one community building activity (with 5 other students) in either the fall or winter semester that connects to the DEI programming model.

To Apply:

The Theme Community Application is part of the general housing application.