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LiveWell is a community open to first-year students who are passionate about living a holistically well life. Livewell believes that holistic wellness is a part of each student’s unique success at the University of Michigan, and that every student deserves equitable access to wellness. By participating in LiveWell, students will engage in conversations around holistic wellness via the wellness wheel (below) and develop strategies for personal and community well-being in college and beyond.

Residing in LiveWell offers residents opportunities to learn about nutrition, the intersection of wellness with diversity and inclusion and how to practice self-care while at college. LiveWell is a place to meet peers with similar interests and where residents have access to curated resources for living a holistically well life while attending the University of Michigan.


  • To be determined


  • First-year students
  • 40 Students


  • Participate in welcome activities
  • Participate in programs and events
  • Attend one community building activity led by peers each semester
  • Plan one community building activity (with 5 other students) in either the fall or winter semester

To Apply:

The Theme Community Application is part of the general housing application.