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Innovation provides a collaborative living-learning space for residents interested in innovation, entrepreneurship, and creativity. Ranked #4 for undergraduate entrepreneurship programs, U-M offers entrepreneurial opportunities from many backgrounds and areas of study that residents living in this community will be exposed to. Through creative exploration of entrepreneurship. Innovation will focus on providing guidance to residents as they navigate the entrepreneurial network that will help students make the most of their Michigan experience.

“My favorite memory is being able to bond with the engineers and business students on my floor and be able to talk about projects we were working on. We are able to push each other to achieve new heights and push past harder obstacles.”

“Being in a community like this is pretty fun and it really helps cheer me up when I’m feeling a little down. Also, a lot of the people in my hall share similar career interests to me, which is really neat! Next week I’ll be going to a Hackathon at MSU with a few friends in the hall, and if I didn’t join Innovation, I probably would never have even heard of the hackathon.”


  • To be determined


  • First-year students
  • 30 students


  • Participate in welcome activities
  • Coordinate programs with ResStaff
  • Attend 3 Theme events per semester: (two inside the community and one across campus)

To Apply:

  • Fill out the Theme Community application.
  • Indicate the Theme Communities that interest you (up to 2) on the application and fill out the corresponding essay questions.
  • Submit your Theme Application by the given deadline.
  • Complete the online Michigan Housing application.
  • Status updates will be provided to applicants on a rolling basis following the deadline.