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Adelia Cheever Program

The Adelia “Cheever” Program is rooted in the traditions and values of Adelia Cheever House, a former University cooperative for women. Opened in 1921, Cheever House offered women a beautiful and supportive living environment, as well as financial assistance in exchange for sharing household responsibilities. Later residents also became eligible for scholarships awarded by the Cheever Board of Patronesses.

Although Cheever is no longer a co-op, residents may still receive scholarships based on financial need, academic goals and participation in Cheever activities. Today, Cheever is invested in preparing women for leadership in a global society. In-hall workshops are combined with weekly Cheever chats to promote understanding and respect of cultural differences, knowledge of international perspectives and exploration of global issues. Participating in Cheever allows residents to cultivate lifelong friendships while teaching and learning from one another through active participation in one of Cheever’s three committees (below). The committees’ themes and activities are customizable depending on the desires of the participants each year. Cheever can be an avenue for residents to engage in whatever topic they desire, from discussing self-care, to caring for the environment or to exploring social justice themes.

  • Global Perspectives
  • Women in Leadership
  • Wellness

If active in Cheever during your first year, you can apply to return to the community during your consecutive years on campus, as a Cheever Scholar. Cheever Scholars act as mentors to the first-year Cheever residents, plan and lead Cheever Chats and can receive a need-based scholarship.

“My favorite memory from the Adelia Cheever Program this year was hosting a Culture Fair with my committee: Global Perspectives. We contacted several residents in the community who volunteered to create a booth to represent their countries/cultures. These included Brazil, Germany, Nigeria, Canada, and African American culture. The turn-out on the day of the fair was great and each booth was very well put-together. I was so proud of having brought this to the community, for it allowed me to learn more about the cultural backgrounds of my friends, as well as share my own cultural background.”


  • To be determined


  • First-year students
  • Returning student recipients of Cheever Scholarship
  • 23 students


  • Participate in welcome activities
  • Participate in programs and events
  • Attend all “Cheever Chats” on Wednesdays from (6:30pm – 8pm)
  • Be an active member on one Cheever committee

To Apply:

Please note that we are no longer accepting applications for Fall 2021.

  • Fill out the Theme Community application.
  • Indicate the Theme Communities that interest you (up to 2) on the application and fill out the corresponding essay questions.
  • Submit your Theme Application by the given deadline.
  • Complete the online Michigan Housing application.
  • Status updates will be provided throughout the month of June.
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