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Apartment Swap – Northwood

Below you will find a Northwood I, II, IV and V apartment swap form. We do not facilitate swaps in any other way. Swaps are only allowed between individuals with signed Housing contracts within the same community. Northwood contract holders may swap between Northwood I, II, IV and V. Residents may not swap between Northwood Community Apartments and Munger Graduate Residences due to the differences in the two housing contracts. In all cases, the original contract end date may not be changed. 

You cannot “swap” into a vacant space, nor can you swap into a space for which you are not eligible.If the swap results in a housing rate change, you will be billed based on the rate of the space into which you are moving. Michigan Housing bills on the half month; therefore, swaps must be effective on the 1st or 16th of the month.

Apartment swaps may be conducted between two contract holders who are already on-campus and living in their originally assigned space. Swaps will not be made if one or both contract holders have yet to take occupancy of the apartment. 

Find an individual with a signed contract who would like to trade places with you. To do this, complete an online swap ad below. Michigan Housing will post your ad on the apartment swap bulletin board for three weeks. If you would like to run your ad for more than three weeks, you will need to resubmit it. 

When you find a match, both residents should go together to the Community Center of their complex and meet with the Community Center staff to initiate the swap process. Residents swapping between Northwood IV or V and Northwood I or II may go to either Community Center. 

All swaps must be authorized by Michigan Housing.