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Michigan Housing Honored Instructors

Since 2018, Michigan Housing has provided residential students an opportunity to honor the instructors who make a positive impact on their collegiate journey at the University of Michigan. Michigan Housing is excited to continue to celebrate the incredible faculty and instructors that inspire our students each and every day.

Instructors in bold were nominated by multiple students.

2022-2023 Recipients

Aaron Bush, English Language and Literature

Aaron Ridley, Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering

Adela Carlos-Rios, Latin American Studies

Adelay Witherite, English Language and Literature

Adrion Dula, Romance Languages and Literature

Alyssa Paredes, Anthropology

Amy Gottfried, Chemistry

Ana Popovic, Comparative Literature

Anna Edmonds, Philosophy

Anthony Della Pella, Mathematics

Benjamin Baily, Mathematics

Benjamin Hollenbach, Anthropology

Benjamin Peters, Global Scholars Program

Bethany Hughes, American Culture

Brian P. Coppola, Chemistry

Brittani Parham, Psychology

Carla Cribari-Assali, Residential College
Chaya Norton, Mathematics

Cheryl A. Moyer, Learning Health Sciences

Christian Andre, Chemistry

Christine Modey, Michigan Community Scholars Program

Christopher Crowder, Sweetland Writing Center

Christopher Schad, Asian Studies

Cindee Giffen, Comprehensive Studies Program

Cliff Lampe, Information

Colleen van Lent, Information

Corinne Jones, Communications & Media

Darcy Brandel, Residential College

David Porter, English Language and Literature

David Tamayo, History

Deborah Gordon-Gurfinkel, Residential College

Derrick Yeo, Robotics

Dmitiri Brown, Native American Studies

Donald Malen, Integrative Systems and Design

Doo Jae Park, Sport Management

Douglas Merchant, Linguistics

Ed Cho, Economics

Ehsan Afshari, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Elizabeth Houbeck, Romance Language and Literature

Emily Graetz, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Erin Leary, English Language & Literature

Eugene Bondarenko, Ukrainian & Slavic Languages and Literature

Felix Warneken, Psychology

Florian Gunsilius, Economics

Fred Adams, Physics

Gabrielle Kubi, Psychology

Gary Huffnagle, Microbiology & Immunology

Gary Huffnagle, Romance Languages and Literature

George Hoffmann, Romance Languages and Literature

Hakem Al-Rustom, Anthropology

Hartmut Rastalsky, Germanic Languages and Literature

Heidi Mason, Nursing

Hunjin Jung, Asian Languages and Cultures

Ian Shin, History

Ibrahim Abouarabi, Computer Science and Engineering

Ike Tan, Mathematics

James Heffers, Mathematics

James Juett, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Jason Young, History

Jeff Dunworth, Mathematics

Jennifer Cummins, Psychology

Jennifer Goltz-Taylor, Residential College

Jill Halpern, Mathematics

Joanne Bailey, Women and Gender Studies

John Benedict, Program in the Environment

John Whittier-Ferguson, English Language and Literature

Jon Estrada, Mechanical Engineering

Jonathan Beaumont, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Jonathan Terhorst, Statistics

Jono Sturt, Architecture

Jose Luis Fernandez-Garcia, Romance Languages and Literature

Jovan Jamcev, Chemical Engineering

Juan Cole, History

Juan Diego, Romance Languages and Literature

Judith Rice, Dance

Justin Wolfers, Economics

Kalli Federhofer, Germanic Languages and Literature

Karein Goertz, Residential College

Kate Rubin, Art and Design

Kathleen Forrester, Romance Languages and Literature

Kathleen Nolta, Chemistry

Kelli Sullivan, Anatomical Sciences

Kevin Yanos, Center for Entrepreneurship

Kira Thurman, History

Kwoon Y. Wong, Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology

Laura Kasischke, English Language and Literature

Laura Motta, Classical Studies

Laury Wood, Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology

Lawrence La Fountain Stokes, American Cultures

List Harris, Health Sciences Scholars Program

Liz Guilmet, Art and Design

Luiza Duarte Caetanno, Comparative Literature

Mabel Rodriguez, Residential College

Madhumita Lahiri, English Language and Literature

Maia Farrar, English Language and Literature

Mara Bollard, Weinberg Institute

Marcus Darden, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Margo Mahan, Sociology

Marie Pattipati, Sociology

Marisa Joye Smedsrud, Biology

Mark Burde, Residential College

Matthew McManus, Political Science

Matthew Sullivan, Sociology

Meg Garver, English Language and Literature

Melissa Harris, Architecture

Mengze Li, Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering

Michael Johnson, Comprehensive Studies

Michael Keogh, Mathematics

Michael Umbriac, Mechanical Engineering

Michelle Orrecchio, Romance Languages and Literature

Mika Lavaque-Manty, Political Science

Monica Sampson, Social Work

Natasha Abmer, Linguistics

Nathan Nakkapalli, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Nicolai Lehnert, Chemistry

Nicole Tuttle, Chemistry

Nirupama Rao, Business, Economics and Public Policy

Noha Beydoun, Comprehensive Studies Program

Nora Krinitsky, Residential College

Patricia Hall, Music Theory

Paul Horvath, Mathematics

Peter Bodary, Kinesiology

Peter Brauer, Art and Design

PJ McGann, Sociology

Praveen Loganathan, Opportunity Hub

Rachelle Wilson, Romance Languages and Literature

Ralph Crisci, Chemistry

Randall Tessier, Comprehensive Studies Program

Rashmi Rama, Romance Languages and Literature

Rebecca Ann Lange, Earth and Environmental Sciences

Rebecca Christensen, Sociology

Reginald Jackson, Asian Languages and Cultures

Rishi Narayan, Center for Entrepreneurship

Robert Cocherane, Mathematics

Ryan McCarty, English Language and Literature

S. Sandeep Pradhan, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Sabine Gabaron, Romance Languages and Literature

Samuel Jensen, Technical Communications

Sandra Rodriguez-Bontemps, Romance Languages and Literature

Sara Panteri, Classical Studies

Sarah Koch, Mathematics

Sarah Zimmerman, Business Communications

Scott Lyons, English Language and Literature

Scott Neville, Mathematics

Scott Page, Sanger Leadership Institute

Scott Reel, English Language and Literature

Scott Schneider, Mathematics

Serife Tol, Mechanical Engineering

Shelly Schreier, Psychology

Somin Lee, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Stephanie Renteria, English Language and Literature

Stephen DeBacker, Mathematics

Steven Clark, Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology

Tatiana Calixto, Romance Languages and Literature

Terence McGinn, Sociology
Teresa Piper, Romance Languages and Literature

Tessa Oliveira, Romance Languages and Literature

Theresa Braunschneider, Residential College

Thomas Anderson, Mathematics

Tomoko Okuno, Residential College

Vidya Srinivas, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Vincent Nguyen, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Wendy Gutierrez-Tashian, Residential College

Xiaomeng Li, Asian Languages and Cultures

Yamate Kitahashi, Asian Languages and Cultures

Yarden Katz, American Culture

Yi-Li Wu, Women and Gender Studies

Yujian Fu, Mathematics

Yuri, Popov, Physics

Yuri Zhukov, Political Science