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The work commitment is an important responsibility for residents, and each resident contributes 5-6 hours per week to the House (including the hour for weekly House meetings) depending on how many residents there are in the house and if we have enough chores to fulfill. Jobs will be done to a set standard described in the Job Descriptions notebook kept in one of the dining room drawers. In order to create a cohesive environment, the hope is that residents will fully engage and commit to supporting the housework and one another. Work commitments are an integral part of how and why Henderson House is able to function. The amount of effort and dedication each resident puts into the House is what will allow Henderson House to thrive and flourish for this next year and beyond.


Jobs are generally one-hour tasks that involve cleaning, preparing meals, etc. Residents must work together to make sure all the cleaning, cooking and work around the house gets done. Jobs will allow you to refine your skills or provide you an opportunity to learn new ones! Remember that the Steering Committee, specifically the Work Manager, is here to support all residents. Communication will be the single most important thing when it comes to working as a community. Below you will find the process to communicate and document time when you may be unable to complete a job or unforeseen circumstances arise. Failure to communicate affects the whole community and can adversely affect your fellow residents in ways that may not be readily apparent.

Odd Jobs

When a resident fails to perform their assigned jobs at the specified time or in its entirety the resident will be required to complete an odd job(s). An odd job is a job that will be completed in place of the missed job. A missed job that is done at a specific time (ex. Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner Clean) will result in doubling of the original jobs hour(s). An odd job(s) is how residents can repair harm caused to the community when an assigned job is missed.