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What is it like to live in Martha Cook?

Martha Cook offers the unique opportunity to live in a smaller, tight-knit community of supportive women. The beautiful, historic building is located on South University, close to Angel hall, the Michigan Union, the Law Quad and other central campus locations. The building has an in-house dining hall where students can eat together, hang out, or study.

See what some Martha Cook residents are saying about their beloved residence hall:

“I didn’t know anyone else going to U of M, and coming from a small school, I knew I wanted to find a community where I could feel welcome. Martha Cook offered the unique opportunity to be in a small, tight-knit community of women. I never ate a meal alone at Martha Cook, because there was always a smiling face there to welcome me to a table. As a freshman, I attended all the Martha Cook events, and this was the perfect opportunity to make friends without the overwhelming size of the university-wide events.

“My favorite part of Martha Cook is the people. I knew coming in I would enjoy living in such a beautiful, unique building but I didn’t realize I would meet so many amazing women. Even as a first-year, the upper class and graduate residents made an effort to talk to me and make me feel welcome, and the girls in my year became close very quickly.”
-Katherine, junior, Ross Business School

“You will find an amazing community of supportive women in a great location!”
-Emilia, sophomore, School of Information

“I chose Martha Cook because I wanted to be in a supportive community of women. I love the amazing girls I have met. I love how unique everyone is and we embrace that. Not only do you get to know the residents, but you get to know the staff, too. The whole building just feels so close and connected.”
-Anna, junior, LSA

“It is so nice and surprising how fast you can make friends at Martha Cook. Everyone is so open to learning about others and helping out, especially when you’re new in the building!”
-Delany, senior, LSA

“I have met some of my best friends at Martha Cook and have loved living here for the past 3 years. The support from this community is unmatched and the traditions and activities are relevant and fun. Choosing to live at Martha Cook has been one of my best decisions here at Michigan.”
-Anjali, senior, Ross Business School

“Martha Cook is gorgeous, and it’s smaller which makes it less overwhelming and helps with forming friendships. It has its own dining hall which makes it preferable to Barbour and Newberry. It’s close to libraries and a lot of the main class buildings, like Angell and Mason.”
-Catharine, senior, LSA

“The building, grounds, and rooms are truly beautiful here. The lawn is so nice to use during the first few months of fall semester when it is still warm out. I like to do work out there or have a picnic. The common areas are so beautiful, including the famous gold room, the red room, the main hallway, and even the little window seat called the Sparking room and the libraries on the 2nd and 3rd floors. The new furniture in the rooms is not only aesthetically pleasing but also allows a lot of space for storage. Many of the doubles even have their own sink which is really convenient! What I love most about living at Martha Cook though is the community and the fun events! If you live at Martha Cook, you can never complain of not having events to go to.

“You gain such a solid group of friends by living in this building! It was nice to be able stay up late studying in the libraries or watching movies in the rec room in the basement. Some of my best college friends I have gained through my time living in this building. The rooms are so comfortable and beautiful, and the dining staff truly spoils us with the best food!”
-Bethany, sophomore, LSA

If you have any questions about Martha Cook or the available Martha Cook scholarships, please email [email protected].