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Undergraduate Parking Information


General Information

If you would like to park your car on campus, there are two types of parking lots. There are lots that are run by MHousing and general lots run by U-M Logistics, Transportation and Parking. MHousing has a small number of parking spots on campus. MHousing permits are only valid for the lot that is designated on the issued permit.

  • Baits/Bursley Hall (175)
  • Fletcher (7)
  • Oxford (40)
  • Henderson House (12)

Eligibility and Terms 

  • Students who have a housing contract for Bursley, Baits, Fletcher, Oxford, or Henderson House communities will receive first priority to apply and obtain MHousing parking privileges.
    • If extra spaces remain, permits will be offered to students living in other residence halls.
  • You may not apply for or receive more than one parking permit.
  • Please do not submit any false information when applying for a place in the lottery. If a permit is issued based on false information, that permit will be revoked.
  • Permits must be used by the person to whom they are awarded. Please do not share or give away your permit.
  • Alteration, modification, duplication, or transference of an MHousing parking permit is prohibited.
  • Purchasing a parking permit is a binding agreement for the academic year.
  • Returns or reimbursements are issued solely at the discretion of MHousing.

How to Apply

  • Click here to apply for an MHousing parking permit.
  • For more detailed instructions on how to apply, check out our guide, How to Request Parking Permits.
  • Requests are only processed on weekdays from 9 AM to 4 PM at the beginning of the Fall term.
  • Please allow 7 business days for applications to be processed.
  • If your request is approved all permits can be picked up at their community center during operating hours.

Vehicle Requirements

  • All vehicles displaying an MHousing permit must be in good working condition.
  • To qualify for a permit, your vehicle must have a current license plate, and proof of insurance.
  • Vehicle registrations must be submitted when applying for the permit. The registration information must meet one of the following conditions:
    • Registration matches the student’s name.
    • Last name on the registration matches the last name of the student.
    • Registration address matches the permanent address listed in our records.
    • Registration address matches the address on the owner’s driver’s license.


The cost for a Housing Parking Lot on-campus parking permit is $170 for the school year. The Henderson House permit fee is included in the cost of their housing contract.


For information regarding parking at Northwood, please visit the Northwood parking article.