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Undergraduate Occupancy and Meal Plan Details

The information below includes occupancy and meal plan dates as well as details specific to different residential meal plans.


Occupancy and Meal Plan Dates

The following dates apply to all undergraduate residence halls, Martha Cook and Henderson House.  Lawyers Club, Munger Graduate Residences, and Northwood Apartments have different occupancy dates.

2023-2024 Fall 2023* Winter 2024 Spring 2024 Summer 2024
Halls Open 8 am Mon
Aug 23, 2023
12 Noon Sun
Jan 7, 2024
10 am Mon
May 6, 2024 
5 pm Wed
June 26, 2024
Halls Close 7 pm Fri
Dec 15, 2023
11 AM Fri
May 3, 2024
7 pm Fri
Jun 28, 2024
7 pm Fri
Aug 16, 2024


2024-2025 Fall 2024* Winter 2025 Spring 2025 Summer 2025
Halls Open 8 am Wed
Aug 21, 2024
12 Noon Sun Jan 5, 2025 10 AM Mon May 5, 2025  5 PM Tue
Jun 24, 2025 
Halls Close 7 PM Wed
Dec 18, 2024
11 AM Fri
May 2, 2025
7 PM Tues
Jun 24, 2025
7 PM Fri
Aug 15, 2025

*Students move into their rooms on a staggered basis at the beginning of fall semester.  Move-In time slots will be assigned or chosen prior to the start of the fall semester.

Housing contracts must be submitted prior to occupancy.

Students must vacate their room within 24 hours of their last exam but no later than the above-stated dates and times. Contract holders graduating from the University of Michigan at the end of the Winter Term may occupy their room until the date shown above.

Occupancy dates align with the academic calendar year, which is subject to change.


Meal Plan Details

Dining service, including where and how it will be offered to residential students, is subject to modification to address evolving public health concerns. Meal plans are not offered outside of the occupancy dates listed above.

Residence Halls

For further information on the different plans, please visit: Residential Meal Plans.

Henderson House

Henderson House residents plan and prepare six house meals each week, with ingredients supplied by Michigan Dining. Additionally, staples are available for residents to prepare lunches and breakfasts for themselves. No meals are served on Thanksgiving Day or during Spring Break.

Martha Cook

All residents will have their meals exclusively in the Martha Cook Building except as designated below. Martha Cook contracts include a 15-meal plan Monday through Friday.  The meal plan includes 4 meal swipes that can be used over the weekend (Saturday/Sunday) at any open Dining Hall (excluding Lawyer’s Club), as well as 2 guest meals and $25 Dining Dollars. 

  • Martha Cook residents attending classes on North Campus who cannot return to Martha Cook for lunch Monday-Friday may eat lunch at Bursley Dining Hall. 
  • During transition periods (for term beginning/end and class breaks), the hours of the Martha Cook dining hall may vary.  When the dining hall is closed during these times, residents may eat at any open Dining Hall (excluding Lawyer’s Club) within the occupancy dates above.