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Undergraduate housing change options

If you have a contract with Michigan Housing and you would like to change where you are living, there are a couple of available options that you can explore after you move-in to your current assignment.

  • Room Change – During your occupancy on-campus (after you move-in) , you can request to change room to a vacant room if one becomes available.
  • Room Swap – If you find a person who would like to swap with you, you can follow a Housing process to switch rooms.
  • Reassignment – If you wish to leave Michigan Housing and you find an eligible student without a housing contract who is interested, Michigan Housing will contract with the new student and release you from further contractual obligation.

Important to know: While we appreciate most students prefer to change their assignments before they move-in, the process for all changes (including swaps) goes live two weeks after the start of classes.

Room Change

The Room Change process goes live two weeks after the start of classes, and after you’ve moved into your originally assigned room. If you have a current Housing Contract and would like to move to a different vacant room, you may submit the Room Change Request Form on the Student Housing Portal. On the Room Change Request Form, you can describe your preference for the area, building, and room type. If the room change request results in a change of housing/room type, you will be billed (or credited) based on the rate of the space into which you are moving.


Priority for open spaces is as follows:

  • Residents currently living in temporary spaces
  • Residents who want to remain in their living complex (hall or apartment)
  • All other residents

Michigan Housing reserves the right to make an assignment to a vacant space outside of the room change process when it is determined necessary.

If we have a space to offer, you will receive an email from the Housing Information Office. Please respond to the email within 24 hours to secure the space. Any fraudulent use of the change request process will result in your name being removed from the process.

If you accept the offer of new living space and you complete the required check out procedures, you will have no further contractual responsibility for the space you leave. If your new space has a different billing rate, the new rate will take effect the day your new assignment begins.


The Room Swap process goes live two weeks after the start of classes, and after you’ve moved into your originally assigned room. Room swaps are allowed between U-M enrolled students with signed Housing contracts. You may swap rooms in the same hall or between two different halls. You must be eligible for the space and abide by all community standards for the room or apartment. Eligibility usually relates to gender or academic year, but could also relate to placement in a Michigan Learning or Theme Community. Students not a part of these communities are ineligible to swap into an MLC or Theme space. You cannot swap into a vacant space.

If the swap results in a change in housing type, you will be billed (or credited) based on the rate of the space into which you are moving.

You are responsible for finding a person with whom to swap rooms. To help you along, we facilitate an online room swap bulletin board. Swaps may not be requested in the last two weeks of the academic term.

Here’s how the process works:

  • Two weeks after classes begin, the Room Swap online “bulletin board” will go live.
  • Post an online ad. Include info on the type of swap you’re interested in making.
  • Review posted ads from others.
  • Both residents should email from their UM email accounts requesting the room swap. All swaps must be authorized by Michigan Housing.







Before and during the Fall Term, contracts may be reassigned to newly admitted, eligible students without a housing contract. Other academic terms, contracts may be reassigned to any eligible student without a housing contract.

Use the Undergraduate Housing Contract Reassignment Bulletin Board to offer or look for a contract reassignment. Once you find an interested party, you are responsible for making contact with each other and discussing the details. Both students should then contact the Housing Information Office by email separately to request contract reassignment documents. When requesting the forms, include the name and UMID of the enrolled student who would like to take over the contract, as well as the name and UMID of the current contract holder. The forms must be filled out completely, submitted and approved by the Housing Information Office.

Offers of monetary compensation, incentives, or rewards in a contract reassignment ad are strictly prohibited. Such offers on ads will result in ad removal from the bulletin board, and the student may be barred from submitting ads in the future.

There is no guarantee you will be successful in making or finding a contract reassignment.