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There are five officers comprising the full-time Steering Committee: President, Work Manager, Meal Planner, and two Food Orderers. Each term, residents elect officers to serve the following semester. The President is elected for a full year, and it is strongly suggested that she has lived for at least two years in the House so that she knows the House as intimately as she will be expected, and will have seen the dynamics and styles of the presidents for two different years.

There are three offices comprising the part-time Steering Committee: Secretary, Ecology Manager, and Supplies Manager. Their election is at the beginning of each term, in order to open the positions to new residents.

Officers are allotted a certain amount of work credit (per week) for serving the House in their positions. Full-time Steering Committee members are allotted 5 hours; part-time Steering 3 Committee members are allotted two hours. The full-time Steering Committee meets each week before House meetings to plan for the general House meeting, and to discuss future House projects. Steering Committee meetings are open to residents, who may contribute or simply observe. When sensitive issues arise, however, the meetings may be closed.