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Room condition and damage charges

All residents should have completed a Room Condition Inventory (RCI) when they moved into Michigan Housing, as located in their online Housing Student Portal. The RCI is used to record any problems with the condition of the apartment when it is initially occupied. If the RCI was not completed, Michigan Housing assumes that there were no problems with the apartment when the residents moved in. Residents will be held responsible for any damage when they move out unless 1) it was noted on the RCI, 2) it is normal wear and tear or 3) it is related to a maintenance problem reported to FIXIT (online FIXIT system). Students who are responsible for the damages to a room, furniture or any part of a building will be billed directly for repairs, missing keys, excessive cleaning, missing furniture, or missing equipment.

End-of-term damage assessment notices will be mailed to your U-M email. If you disagree with the charges, please respond back in writing within ten days. Damage assessments are billed to your student account.

This document shows a list of damage and cleaning charges.

For additional information regarding damages or charges please visit the policy page.