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Northwood Parking

General Information

Northwood and Munger residents with proof of vehicle registration may apply to purchase a Northwood parking permit by completing the M Housing Student Parking Application

All vehicles displaying Northwood permits must be in good working condition.

Northwood Permits allow you to park in any NW lot, but does not guarantee a specific spot.

Motor homes, trailers and boats may not be parked in Northwood lots. Contact the community center for information regarding moving trucks and portable storage containers. 

Parking Requirements

Contract holders can apply for permits by completing the M Housing Student Parking Application. If you are the only person listed on your contract you are eligible for one annual parking permit. If you have an annual permit, you may not also purchase a borrowed temp vehicle permit. If other people are listed on your contract, you are eligible for an annual permit for each licensed driver. Contract holders must complete the application for each vehicle that requires a permit. If the additional occupant is not listed on your contract, your request will be denied

To qualify for a permit, your vehicle must have a current license plate and proof of insurance. Vehicle registrations must be submitted when applying for the permit. The registration information must meet one of the following conditions:

  • Registration matches the contract holder or household member’s name.
  • Last name on the registration matches the last name of the contract holder.
  • Registration address matches the permanent address listed in our records.
  • Registration address matches the address on the owner’s driver’s license.

If none of the above are true, the vehicle cannot receive an annual permit and will be considered a borrowed vehicle. Borrowed vehicles are eligible for temporary permits.

Parking Fees

Permit Type Cost
Annual Permit $86.00
Replacement permit (w/old permit) $5.00
Lost Permit $20 
Temporary Guest Permit $2 per day 
Temporary/Borrowed vehicles $14 per week

Please note that Northwood permits are not prorated or transferable. If you anticipate moving out before your contract end date, a temporary permit may be a better option.


APPLY NOW for an M Housing parking permit by clicking the link provided. Follow the prompts to answer all the questions and upload the vehicle registration.  Permit requests are only processed on weekdays from 9 AM to 4 PM. Please allow 7 business days for applications to be processed.  If your request is approved all permits can be picked up at their community center during operating hours after receiving the package email notification from MHousing.


If you are hosting guests or visitors, you will find marked visitor spaces in most Northwood lots. These visitor spots are free within the designated time period marked on the signs. If there are no visitor spots available, contract holders can request a temporary permit by completing the MHousing Student Parking Application (Permit requests are only processed on weekdays during business hours of 9am – 4pm) If your visitor parks in regular spaces without any permit, they risk being ticketed. A temporary permit is valid for a period of three days or one week. The cost is linked to the Orange lot daily rate of $2 a day which is set by Logistics, Transportation, and Parking (LTP).


Motorcycles and mopeds may park without charge or permit in areas designated “Motorcycles Only.” Motorcycles and Mopeds are not permitted to park in regular vehicle parking spaces.


If you are selling an old vehicle or buying a new one you may return your old permit and get a new permit. The cost of the replacement permit is $5. If you do not return the old permit, you must purchase a new permit for your new vehicle.


Temporary permits can be requested through the M Housing Student Parking Application. (Permit requests are only processed on weekdays during business hours of 9am – 4pm) If you have a long-term borrowed vehicle, you will need to submit proof of vehicle registration for approval. If you are selling or buying a vehicle, you may purchase a temporary permit. We are required to write the license plate number on your temporary permit. Please hang your temporary permit from your rear-view mirror.

Northwood Apartments Guest Parking Permits will be charged to the contract holder’s University account. Guest permits are available for pick up at the Community Center and follow the guest policy stated in the Community Living at Michigan (CLAM) contract addendum as follows:

  • Graduate Residents in non-Shared Apartments – Guests may stay for up to four weeks during a six month period.
  • Single Graduate Residents in Shared Apartments – Guests may stay for up to seven nights per month.
  • Single Undergraduates in Shared Apartments – Guests may stay three days, with roommate(s) permission.

For information regarding undergraduate parking, please visit the undergraduate parking article.