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Northwood Apartments Fire Code Occupancy Limits


Michigan Housing assigns students and households to Northwood Apartments based on the number of bedrooms in each unit.  The below fire occupancy limits are utilized when determining the maximum household size that is permitted.  Update the household members listed on your housing contract via the M|Housing portal.


Apartment Type Location Max Occupancy
Studio              Northwood I          2
One Bedroom          Northwood II        2
One Bedroom (Economy)    Northwood II        2
One Bedroom 1st level Northwood IV        3
One Bedroom 2nd level Northwood IV        3
One Bedroom          Northwood I & II    3
Two Bedroom with study    Northwood IV & V   6
Two Bedroom          Northwood  II        4
Three Bedroom I shaped    Northwood V          6
Three Bedroom L shaped    Northwood IV        6
Three Bedroom row Northwood IV & V  6
Three Bedroom square      Northwood V          6