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New Student Roommate Requests

Michigan Housing strives to honor roommate requests during the room assignment process.


The following conditions must be met for roommate requests to be considered:

  • All parties have applied for housing by our stated deadlines.
  • All parties have requested each other in the system at the time the room assignment is made.
  • All roommates are eligible for the room/space (e.g., been admitted to the same MLC program).
  • All roommates are eligible for the housing process (first year students are not typically permitted to request returning students, for example).
  • All roommates are in compliance with the UM Vaccination Requirements or have records pending for review.

Some reasons why requested roommates may not be placed together:

  • One or more have canceled their housing application.
  • Not all roommates had applied by the time the housing placement occurred.
  • One or more roommates have been approved for a space requiring special approval (e.g. Michigan Learning Communities, Theme Communities, a housing accommodation, or another specific community such as the Gender Inclusive Living Environment).
  • There were no vacant rooms at the time of placement that would fit the roommate group (e.g., no vacant doubles for a roommate set of 2, no vacant triples for a roommate set of 3).