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Move-out for Munger Graduate Residences

Thank you for living in Michigan Housing. Upon an approved contract termination, follow these guidelines for vacating your suite.

The condition of the residence at move out should be clean and as close to move-in condition with normal wear and tear as expected. As a general rule, your suite should be left in a condition that you would feel comfortable moving into.


  • Remove all personal belongings including items on shelves or in drawers.
  • Be sure to remove all trash.
  • Clean your room and shared spaces according to the cleaning guidelines.
  • Clean shared spaces in the kitchen, remove your items from cabinets and refrigerators and properly dispose of unwanted food items. Do not assume your roommates want your food or utensils.
  • Remove all trash and recycling and dispose of items in appropriate receptacles. Do not leave trash in the apartment, building hallways or the exterior of the building.
  • Remove items from your mailbox
  • Return your room and mailbox keys to the community center on the 8th floor of Munger Graduate Residences on the last date of your housing contract. Be sure to complete the key return form in its entirety, including your forwarding address.
  • A key drop box is available at the Community Center for your convenience during non-business hours.


There are a small number of moving carts and vacuum cleaners available for loan free of charge at the Community Center.


File a forwarding address with the US Postal Service. Discontinue any deliveries or subscriptions to the apartment. You should fill out a mail forwarding form, available at post offices or available online. If your mail will be forwarded to an address outside of the United States, you should go to a post office to arrange for mail forwarding in person. Nearby post offices are located at 3000 Green Road, 1214 South University, and 200 E. Liberty.

Remove your Michigan Housing address and update your permanent address on Wolverine Access so that final account statements or refunds can reach you.


Keep track of your belongings while moving out. Someone should stay with any possessions you leave in an unlocked apartment. All City of Ann Arbor parking regulations are in force during end-of-term move-out periods. Please do not leave a vehicle unattended or you may be ticketed or towed.

Don’t drive or park motor vehicles on lawns or sidewalks when packing your belongings. This can result in charges to your University account if damages occur.


For a fee, this University-contracted vendor, John’s Pack and Ship, can pack, receive, store and ship packages to a location of your choice. Use of this vendor’s services is optional. All transactions are strictly between you and the vendor.


Bicycles cannot be left in the bike storage room or the outdoor racks after you move out. Abandoned bikes will be collected by the Department of Public Safety and Security and if unclaimed will be disposed of within 30 days. Store or ship: Michigan Housing does not have storage available for bicycles so plan to remove your bicycle from University property when you move out. To inquire about bicycle shipping or storage, you may wish to contact John’s Pack and Ship or a vendor of your choice.

Abandoned Property

Please remove all personal property when moving. Contact the Munger Community Center immediately ([email protected]) if property is accidentally left behind. Personal property left behind may be disposed of promptly or stored for a limited time at the owner’s expense and risk. All property will be discarded after 30 days.


Please be responsible with items you do not want. Either recycle them or donate them to someone in need. All paper, container and cardboard recycling can be placed into the blue dumpsters labeled “Recyclables”.


Students who are responsible for damages to a room, furniture or any part of an apartment will be billed for repairs, missing keys, excessive cleaning or missing furniture or equipment.

All residents should have completed a Room Condition Inventory (RCI) when they moved into Michigan Housing. The RCI is used to record any concerns with the condition of the residence when it is initially occupied. If the RCI was not completed, Michigan Housing assumes that there were no concerns with the residence or furnishings when the resident moved in. Residents will be held responsible for any damage when they move out unless 1) it was noted on the RCI, 2) it is normal wear and tear or 3) it is related to a maintenance problem reported to FIXIT(online FIXIT system). Refer to this list to know what to expect regarding general replacement and cleaning charges.


A final inspection occurs after residents move out. During the final inspection, a member of the Facilities staff determines if any damage has been done to the residence by the resident and also checks to see if the apartment was cleaned according to the specifications in the Munger cleaning guidelines. The inspector will determine what non-standard repairs and services, if any, will be required to prepare the residence for new residents. Charges may be assessed at this time for unusual wear and tear, property damage, and necessary additional cleaning.

Charges reflect actual costs and do not include penalties.

Notification of any cleaning or damages will be itemized and emailed to you within 60 days of your actual vacate date. Any charges assessed will be listed on your Statement of Account from Student Financial Operations.


We will be glad to act as a landlord reference. Processing may take up to 10 business days. Please have your new landlord email, mail or fax the request, along with your written authorization to:

Housing Information Office
1011 Student Activities Building
515 E. Jefferson Street
Ann Arbor, MI
Fax: 734-764-6806
Email: [email protected]



Questions should be directed to [email protected].