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Move from Munger Graduate Residences to Northwood

This information is for moves that occur at the end of your contract.

Please notify us of your plan by March 9th, 2018. You can apply for an apartment in Northwood I, II, IV or V. Northwood I and II comes fully furnished, including a single bed. No furnishings can be removed. Northwood IV and V are unfurnished. You may submit an application to Northwood Community Apartments, but we cannot guarantee that an apartment will be available.

  1. Submit notice of your intent to leave Munger Graduate Residences. (See below.)
  2. Email [email protected] from your email account and request an application for Northwood Community Apartments.
  3. We will send you a link to apply to Northwood. You will be able to choose from available apartments. New apartments may become available during the application period.