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There are at least six meals per week, all prepared by residents. Dinners are served Sunday through Friday. Dinner is from 6-6:30, normally. Five buzzes indicate that the meal will be ready in five minutes and 10 buzzes indicate the meal is ready. When you are finished with your meal, YOU are responsible for scraping your dishes and silverware and any other items you used and making sure that all food residue is removed. Items are then placed in the sanitizing racks. Kitchen tours will be given immediately after or during the first official House meeting.


If you are unable to attend a meal, you may request a SAVE. A SAVE is a portion of each food served at that meal, labeled with the requester’s name and the date and set aside for 24 hours. After 24 hours, SAVES may be consumed by anyone or thrown out. There is no limit as to how many saves one can request in the week.


The kitchen is open 24 hours a day. All leftovers are labeled, dated and placed in the upstairs refrigerator. Leftovers may be eaten as snacks or in sack lunches, but are not to be stored in your room for later consumption.

Extra Cooking

Outside of scheduled kitchen use, residents may cook for themselves or for the House using House supplies that are not designated for a meal. Since the supplies you use are paid for out of everyone’s rent, please leave half of what you make for your housemates to enjoy.

Residents may use House staples, such as pasta, rice, or eggs for personal cooking; anything on the storeroom shelves, the dairy fridge, the kitchen fridge, and the kitchen freezer are free to use. However, items on the dinner storeroom shelves, dinner fridges, dinner freezer, personal fridge, or personal freezer are not free to use, and should not be touched. Personal meal preparation should not be excessive.

Guest Meals

Residents may invite guests to meals (unless otherwise specified). Henderson House welcomes guests; however, each resident is limited to having a total of three guests at meals per week. If a resident exceeds this amount, guests will be asked to pitch in a helping hand according to the Work Manager’s discretion.