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The Housing Facilities team works hard to keep your home clean and safe. You will see them on a daily basis, so get to know the team! Under the direction of the Building Facilities Manager, this group takes great pride in Martha Cook as many of the building staff have been a part of the Martha Cook Community for many years. If you notice anything broken or damaged, report it immediately via the online FixIt system. If there is an emergency after hours, call the Facilities Service Center at 734-647-2059.

Residents should submit their Room Condition Inventory form immediately after moving in.

All personal items and all provided student room furniture must be stored within each student’s room. There is no storage space outside of the assigned student room available, due to fire code requirements. Thank you for helping us keep the building safe and in compliance with the fire code by storing all items within your room.

The elevator is located between the Gold Room and the Dining Room on the first floor. If there is a problem with the elevator, please contact the Department of Public Safety at 734-763-1131 so that a service technician can be notified. Also inform the Resstaff member on duty and/or the Community Center as soon as possible.