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The Martha Cook student leadership group is called the House Board and meets every week on Monday Night. All residents are welcome to attend the meetings where all-house business is discussed. Following are descriptions of the House Board positions:


The President oversees all House Board functions, from individual to collaborative efforts. They run the weekly House Board meetings and coordinates activities and functions of the Board in accordance with the Hall Director, Governors, and Alumnae. They also organize various Building activities throughout the year, including Welcome Week, fundraisers, all-house votes, parties, and other events.


The Vice President serves as the Social Chair and contact person for the majority of the MCB events, especially those events that are sponsored by the House Board. These events include special meals, dances, and community outings. The Vice President publishes a social calendar at the beginning of each semester to notify the residents of upcoming activities.


The Secretary is responsible for recording the minutes of all House Board meetings; publishing and distributing the Cookie Sheet, a weekly newsletter for residents; and maintaining the hallway table. The Secretary, along with the Hall Director, approves material displayed in these areas. Residents who wish to post information or fliers should contact the Secretary and the Hall Director in order to obtain permission.


The Treasurer is responsible for managing the Martha Cook Student Organization account, and allotting funds to the House Board and to Martha Cook residents for social events and/or other worthy causes. They are responsible for creating a budget each semester and maintaining a record of all transactions.

Service Chair

The Service Chair is responsible for ensuring that all residents sign up for and complete their house service. The Service Chair also plans and executes Harry Potter Week, with the assistance of other House Board members. In order to fulfill this responsibility, and in order to plan exam snacks for the end of each semester, They work in close coordination with the Tea Chair and Michigan Dining Staff.

Tea Chair

The Tea Chair is responsible for coordinating Friday-afternoon teas. For each tea, they designates a theme, meets with Dining Services to plan a menu, and communicates with the Service Chairwoman to make sure that all residents assigned for house service that week perform their duties.

Residence Hall Association (RHA) Representatives (Two)

The RHA Representatives serve as delegates for the community to the Residence Hall Association. They attend weekly RHA meetings, where they, along with representatives from other residence halls, discuss and vote on diverse issues regarding the community, environment, and student life within the residence halls.

Multicultural Chairs (Three)

The Multicultural Chairs are responsible for cultivating and promoting the many cultures and traditions present among the residents of the community. Their main means of accomplishing this task is through the organization of International Tea, an annual celebration open to the entire University community, in which residents showcase tables representing many different countries of the world.

Alumni Relations Chair

The Alumni Relations Chair is responsible for coordinating the Fall Room Draws in collaboration with the Hall Director, and for organizing the Dessert for New Women, which takes place in the spring. They also serve to maintain the website of the Martha Cook Student Organization.


The Historian is responsible for documenting information about Building events, especially through photography. They compile, format, and produce the MCB Annual, a yearbook that aims to represent the entire Martha Cook community and to summarize the MCB experiences for that year. Additionally, they print and distribute the MCB Cookbook that is presented as a gift to graduating residents as well as any resident who wishes to obtain a copy.

Arts Chair

The Arts Chair is responsible for cultivating an appreciation for the fine and performing arts in the building. Their responsibilities include starting MCB Grace at Sunday dinners, arranging music for Messiah Dinner, creating art-related field trips, and planning art and music based events for residents.