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Frequently Asked Questions About Theme Communities

What is the advantage of being a member of a Theme Community?

As a member of a Theme Community, students will live with peers who share a common interest or experience. Events and workshops are hosted several times a month around the shared topic area and helpful resources are curated by Theme Community staff to make sure students have a tailored experience. In an institution the size of the University of Michigan, having a tight-knit community of peers makes U-M feel like home right away!

Can I apply to a Theme Community and an MLC?

Yes, students can apply for up to 2 Theme Communities and up to 3 MLCs. Students are then asked to indicate their preference for their top program on the Theme Community application.

Does applying to more than one Theme Community hurt my chances of getting accepted into either?

No, applying to multiple Theme Communities increases your chances of being accepted. We encourage all students to apply for up to 2 Theme Communities.

Are there any prerequisites or level of experience needed to apply to a Theme Community?

No, Theme Communities accept students of varying levels of interest or experience in the given topic. Students can also belong to any school or college and participate in a given Theme Community. Living Business is the only exception to that rule. Living Business applicants must be first-year direct admits and/or preferred admits to the Ross School of Business.

What are the requirements of being in a Theme Community?

Each Theme Community has slightly different requirements, but students are generally expected to participate in Theme Community events or workshops twice a month. For specific Theme Community expectations, view community information on the Theme Community website.

I’m a transfer student. Can I apply to a Theme Community?

Transfer students are eligible to apply to the Transfer Year Experience (TYE) Theme Community. Specific questions? Email [email protected].

How do I apply to a Theme Community?

Students that are interested in applying to a Theme Community can complete the Theme Community application that is included in the Housing application. Indicate up to 2 Theme Communities you have an interest in, fill out the respective Theme Community essay questions and submit your application before the deadline.

Are applications accepted on a rolling basis?

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. For Returning Residents the Theme application review occurs in January during the Returning Resident Housing process. For first-year students the Theme application is available as part of the M Housing application.  Applications received by the M Housing application deadline are reviewed first.  Applications received after this deadline will be reviewed if space allows.

How many students are accepted into each Theme Community?

To foster a tight-knit community, Theme Communities accept anywhere between 30-40 students each year.

How are the corridors gendered in each Theme Community?

Most Theme Communities are located on either all-gender or split-gender corridors.

Gender Inclusive Housing is available to participants of any Theme Community. If students would like to request gender inclusive housing within a particular Theme Community, please email [email protected].


Can I live with my roommate in a Theme Community?

We encourage students to share their roommate preference in the Theme Community application; however, we cannot guarantee the ability to match students with their preferred roommate. If one roommate is accepted into the Theme Community and the other isn’t, we are not able to match them together. If both roommates are accepted into the Theme, we will do our best to match them as roommates.

If I get accepted into a Theme Community, can I decline the acceptance? What happens then?

Yes, if you are accepted into a Theme Community and no longer want to participate in it, reply to your acceptance email within 48 hours to decline the offer. The student will be removed from the Theme Community and enter into the traditional housing assignment process.

At any time students can email [email protected] to notify staff that they would like their application removed or would no longer like to participate in the Theme Community. Depending on the timing of the email, Housing staff will work with each student individually on next steps.

I have a health or disability need. Can I still live within a Theme Community?

Students with health accommodations should contact [email protected] to discuss specific needs. Please visit the Additional living Options website for more information.

Do I have to live in a specific building if I get accepted into a Theme Community?

Yes, each Theme Community is located in a specific residence hall, on a specific floor. If accepted into a Theme Community, you will automatically be assigned a room on the Theme Community floor. To find out the location of each Theme Community, click into the various Theme Community pages from the main Theme Community website.

Does living in a Theme Community mean you don’t get to interact with students outside of your Theme Community?

Living in a Theme Community provides students with the best of both worlds: a tight-knit community of peers living on their floor who share a common interest or experience, while also living within a larger residence hall. Theme students can meet peers from other Theme Communities, MLCs or non-affiliated communities within their building.

What does it mean if I got put on a waitlist for a Theme Community? When am I likely to be pulled off of the waitlist?

If a student is waitlisted for a Theme Community that means that the student could be offered acceptance into a Theme Community at a later date. We are unable to say exactly if, or when, waitlist offers may be extended, so we encourage students to check their University of Michigan ( email regularly to ensure that they respond to an offer quickly, if one should be made. While students are on a Theme Community’s waitlist, they will enter into the traditional housing assignment process.

Who do I contact if I have questions about Theme Communities?

Students should contact [email protected] if they have any questions.