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The Community Center is closed until fall 2021. Services include package pick-up, lost-and-found, and temporary key and MCard check-out. Items available to check-out include vacuums, iron, and cots.

If you lock yourself out of your room, a CC staff member will loan you a temporary key when the Community Center is open, which must be returned within 24 hours. Residents who lose their keys or have them stolen will be responsible for any and all charges, including charges for replacement keys for their roommate/suitemate and replacement locks. Please review the information provided in the Community Living at Michigan Handbook.

Mail is received daily and is distributed to individual mailboxes no later than 6PM. Residents’ mail should be addressed to:

Martha Cook Building, Room #
906 South University Avenue
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-1195

If you receive a package, you will get an email notification from “EZTrackIt”, Martha Cook’s package logging software or from the MCB Community Center email account. You may pick up your packages at the Community Center during business hours.