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Main Hallway

The main hallway is in full view upon entry into the Building. The hallway is a pleasant place to visit with guests. Upholstered couches and wooden benches are available for seating along the hallway.

Also located in the main hallway is a large table where events, notices, and sign-ups pertaining to the Building are displayed. Residents should check this table regularly. Residents wishing to post an item on this hallway table must first contact the Hall Director or Community Center Manager.

Huddle Room

The Huddle Room is located across from the Community Center. This space is reserved for Leadership Team meetings from 9am to 5pm, and is available as a quiet study space all other times.

Gold Room and Red Room

The Gold Room and Red Room are wonderful for entertaining. Resident inquiries about reserving either of these rooms for group functions should be directed to the Community Center Manager, who will consult with the Hall Director and the Director of Alumnae Relations and Traditions.

The Gold Room houses the Building’s prized art case Steinway piano. The piano is available for residents and escorted guests’ use; please practice discretion when playing it and take appropriate care in its treatment (i.e., do not place anything on top of the piano or bring food or drink close to its vicinity). Hours for playing the piano are 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. During exams, the piano may only be played during mealtimes.

Please only move furniture, with care, when needed for meetings or programs. Any special setup, such as International Tea, should be discussed with the Hall Director and the Building Facilities Manager.

Sparking Room

Connecting the Red Room to the Gold Room, the Sparking Room is a charming little nook conducive for studying and holding more private conversations. The Sparking Room additionally contains a collection of Martha Cook Annuals.

Dining Room

The Dining Room is located on the south side of the first floor.

Cookie Corner

The Cookie Corner is located at the entrance to the dining servery, near the south stairwell. The Cookie Corner houses a series of bulletin boards: the first is the Multicultural Society Board, where information on Multicultural Society efforts and the chairs is posted. The DPE bulletin board, with information about multicultural efforts and events around campus, is located here, beside the Multicultural Cookie Board.

Community Learning Center (CLC)

The CLC is located in the basement, at the foot of the north stairwell. It houses Dell/PC compatible computers, Macintosh computers, one scanner, and two laser printers. A typewriter is also available in the CLC for resident use. Residents have 24-hour access to the CLC. The following rules apply to the computing site:
Food and drink are prohibited.
Headphones should be used when listening to music or watching videos.

If a resident experiences a problem with either the computers or laser printer in the CLC, they should contact ITS by filling out an online service ticket or calling the designated phone number: 734-764-HELP (764-4357).

Vending Machines

Soda and snack vending machines are located in the basement, at the foot of the north stairwell, across from the CLC. Reimbursement forms are found on the side if needed.

Laundry Room

The Laundry Room is located on the west side of the hallway, between the CLC and the recreational room. It is equipped with washers and dryers and a clothesline
A payment option within our laundry room called PayRange Mobile allows students to use their smartphones to make payments to utilize the laundry machines. 

Recreational Room

The Recreation Room is located in the basement, across from the elevator. The Rec Room houses a TV that is available for resident use. Residents may reserve the television for up to three hours per week, or for the duration of a single program, whichever is longer. Residents may not, however, reserve the TV at the same time each week. Resident inquiries about reserving this room should be directed to the Community Center Manager.

A piano is also available in the Rec Room. The Rec Room may be reserved for piano or music practice. In such a case, the entire room will be reserved and no one will be allowed to watch TV without the permission of the individual who is practicing. The room may be reserved for music practice for times daily until 8pm.

Resident mailboxes are also located in the Rec Room.


Libraries are located at the north end of the second and third floors. These are quiet rooms, reserved primarily for studying. Be aware of your noise level to be considerate.


Kitchenettes may be found on the north end of the second, third, and fourth floors. Each kitchenette is equipped with a sink, refrigerator, microwave, and ironing board. Please be aware, however, that all food is stored at a resident’s own risk. Please take only food that is yours. Any food kept in refrigerators should be wrapped and labeled. These facilities are for everyone’s use, so residents should be courteous by keeping them clean. Any food that is left in the fridge for an extended period of time, unlabeled, will be disposed of by Facilities staff.


Bathrooms are a shared space. If there is an issue requiring a repair, submit an online FixIt request.


Community Learning Center Basement, to the right of the North stairwell
Drinking Fountain Cookie Corner, by the dining servery
Ironing Boards Kitchenettes
Resident Mailboxes Basement, in the Recreational Room
Male Restroom Basement, next to elevator
Gender Inclusive Restroom First Floor, in the Huddle Room
  Basement, in the Community Learning Center
Piano Basement, in the Recreational Room
Vending Machines Basement, near North stairwell
Refrigerators Kitchenettes on 2nd and 3rd floors
Television Basement, in the Recreational Room



Rooms are cleaned before Fall term, and it is your responsibility to keep your room clean during the year. Each room is provided with a bed, desk, desk chair, bookcase, dresser with a mirror, a lamp, possible tea table, wastebasket, and a recycling bin. Be sure to complete the room condition inventory when you move-in.
Please make sure all furniture is intact when you check out at the end of the year.


All residents must take their trash and recyclables down to the basement trash room. Please do not place any dishes that might have been taken from the dining hall in the trash room.


Internationally renowned artist and MCB alumna, Edwina Jaques (BFA ’70, MFA ’75), designed and donated the statue in the foyer for the Building’s 90th anniversary in 2005. She said “I envisioned a statue which would represent the diverse nature of the Martha Cook woman who challenges the University world, bringing a modern outlook to education, yet also celebrates the gentle heart of such a woman and recognizes the womanly arts that bind our past and future”. The Board of Governors selected the name, Edwina, in honor of the sculptor and because its meaning, rich and valuable friend, embodied the relationships amongst all Cookies. 

The ivory and gold leaf hearts attached to the cord skirt represent donations to the Martha Cook Annual Fund or the Capital Fund* from our alumnae, friends, residents and their parents. Each has a special, personal message or name on the back. The giving and signing of hearts as remembrances is a new MCB tradition, and everyone is welcome to take part.

*The Martha Cook Building Annual Fund is an expendable fund supporting critical Building needs and special projects or initiatives to sustain MCB and its programs. The Capital Fund is an expendable fund used for critical and immediate construction needs. Monies held in these funds are gifts of MCB’s alumnae and friends and are entirely separate and distinct from room and board funds intended for the daily operations of the Building.

Friday Tea Events

Friday Teas are a long-standing gathering at Martha Cook that welcomes residents, friends, family, faculty, staff, and alumnae who can be found in the Gold Room almost every Friday for the event. The Tea Chair is responsible for creating the themes of teas as well as their execution. Many teas may have a themed attire component that will be shared in the Cookie Sheet, a weekly newsletter, as well as through promotional flyers. The themed attire is encouraged but is not required for attendance at Friday Tea. Please consult with the Tea Chair, Service Chair, or the Hall Director if you have any questions.