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Graduate Contract Reassignment Ad

Contract reassignment can happen when you find an eligible person to take over your contract. It’s your responsibility to find, connect with and make arrangements with an interested (and eligible) student. You can use this Contract Reassignment form below to post an ad. When an interested student contact you, and you both come to an agreement, contact us and we will start the process.

There are a few guidelines to remember:

  • The original contract cannot be transferred to a current contract holder. If you make a reassignment match, contact the Housing Information Office for the contract reassignment form.

  • If you are a single graduate student sharing a Northwood apartment, you can only reassign your contract to a single graduate student of the same gender.

  • Contract reassignments will be based on the terms and conditions of the original contract and will have the same contract end date.

  • If the new contract holder becomes ineligible during the contract period, you will be held responsible for the terms and conditions of the original contract. 

  • Contract reassignments are not allowed within 60 days of the contract end date unless the new contract holder also submits a new contract for the next term. 

  • Use caution when committing to another housing obligation.