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Solicitation Table Use Guidelines and Online Application

Michigan Housing provides an opportunity to registered student organizations and U-M departments to apply for and use a solicitation table in a residence hall. Councils and students living in the residence halls have first priority for table availability. An application is required. Applications should be submitted at least two weeks before the dates desired. Note that tabling is not permitted during the last two weeks of August, the first two weeks of any semester, nor during study and exam periods.

Once an application is submitted, you will receive an email within 7 days indicating the status of the request and process to secure tables in various residential communities. Councils and students living in the residence halls have first priority for table availability.

Requests are typically approved for a two-week period for a maximum of two days per week per community. Solicitation table use is limited between the hours of noon and 8:00 pm. Pending an individual community’s previously scheduled use, availability may be limited.


Please note that conducting a survey of students or the exchange of cash/credit card information for the sale of merchandise are prohibited. 

Food and beverage products from any vendor other than Michigan Dining are not permitted in the residence halls. Note that Michigan Dining availability may be limited pending the availability of the requested items, staffing levels, and timing of the event.

Participants must remain at the table. If they leave to approach students, they will be asked to leave the building. Participants are expected to adhere to the Community Living Standards as noted in Community Living at Michigan.

Samples of the material(s) to be distributed must be submitted for review prior to approval of table use. The sponsoring organization’s name and contact information MUST be included and plainly visible in the materials.

Applications submitted to the University become University record and, as such, may be subject to public disclosure. Complaints about any activity addressed in this policy will be referred by the University to the contact person as stated on the application.

Individuals or organizations who violate any University policy, and/or employ any form of deception in the completion and submission of necessary Michigan Housing application materials or who misrepresent their activities or services in their communications with any University personnel or resident, will be prohibited indefinitely from future activities in any Michigan Housing Residential area and any permissions already granted for activity may be revoked.

Solicitation Table Use Guidelines and Online Application
Address of contact person

Solicitation Tables for Literature or Product Distribution

Submission of Materials

  • If by fax, fax the materials to (734) 763-2313, attn: Bailey
  • If by email, send attachments to [email protected].

Only send an email attachment if your paperwork is a PDF, doc, or a PowerPoint. We need to see your paperwork in the exact format that you plan to present it, so you cannot copy and paste the text of your paperwork into the email message.