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Media Cart Reservation Request

Media carts can be reserved by ResStaff members, Community Center Managers or Hall Directors. They come with a projector, Blu-Ray player, visualizer, speakers, and an instruction manual. They are available in Bursley, East Quad, Markley, MoJo, and Stockwell. In Northwood and Oxford you can reserve a media cart “in a bag”. These kits contain a screen, projector, Blu-Ray player and speakers.

Please do not take media carts outside of the residential hall.

Media Cart Reservation Request

Personal Information

Event Info

Please describe the event and its location. Note: The Media Carts can only be used in lounge space and similar public areas. In West Quad, the use of the Media Cart is limited to the Community Learning Center, Ostafin Room, and Wedge Room off of the second floor concourse. In North Quad, the use of the Media Cart is limited to the Residential Tower.
Reservation requests MUST be submitted at least 72 hours prior to the event.

Media Cart Conditions of Use

  • ResStaff member is responsible for maintaining the equipment and ensuring that the equipment is returned in the condition it was released.
  • ResStaff member must be a resident of the building in which the Media Cart is located.
  • Media Carts are to be used in lounge space only (Some limitations may apply).
  • Media Carts are not to be used for events that violate copyright law, including, but not limited to, the showing of copyrighted movies.

Residential Education Video and Film Public Performance Policy