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First-Year and Transfer Winter Application

We’re so glad you’re planning on joining us this January. Below you’ll find some important information and tips for filling out your application. We will do our best to meet your housing preferences but we cannot guarantee a specific campus location, hall or room type. Assignments are first come, first served. Feel free to email us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Winter Application Timeline


The application for Winter Term housing launches on November 9. Once you’ve paid your enrollment deposit, we will send an email to your U-M email with information on the application process. If you haven’t received an email after a week of submitting your enrollment deposit (and it is after November 9th) please contact us.

December 1

All U-M students residing in Michigan Housing on the Ann Arbor campus are required to submit documentation showing whether they are vaccinated in line with the CDC immunization schedule noted here.

Submit your vaccination information here no later than December 1st.

We will act on your application after your immunization information has been verified.

December 7

We begin sending out contract notifications. A message will be sent to your University email account when the contract is ready for your review. Contracts must be submitted online within three business days from the date of contract notification. Unfortunately we cannot provide assignment information over the phone.

December 21

Applications received December 22nd through January 1 will be assigned and contract notifications sent on or after January 2nd.

January 7

Residents may move in after 12:00 PM noon.


January 10

First day of classes

IMportant Information

  • Submitting an application is not a contractual agreement. You are legally bound to a room only when you sign your contract.
  • Once an assignment has been made, it cannot be changed. If you refuse your assignment, we cannot offer you a new assignment until the first day of classes, if there are vacancies.
  • When making an assignment, we do not consider academic unit, employment location, family alumni status or any other factors that are not included on the application.

  • First-year students can be assigned with an upper-level undergraduate student.

  • We will work with students in an interactive process to accommodate requests related to disabilities, chronic health conditions, gender identity and religious observance, based on the spaces we have available. See the specific sections in the housing application instructions for more information. Please email [email protected] if you have additional questions about this process.

  • Michigan Housing is committed to a policy of equal opportunity for all persons and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, disability, religion, height, weight or veteran status.

Winter Housing Application Tips

  • Room Environment: All of our residences and rooms are smoke-free. Each year, a percentage of rooms are designated as substance-free. Substance-free rooms offer an additional measure of support for students who choose not to drink, smoke or use illegal drugs. Learn more on our Additional Living Options page.
  • Corridor Preference:
    • All Female Building: accommodates female residents only. The University of Michigan does not offer an all male building.
    • Same-Gender Corridors: are corridors within mixed-gender residence halls in which all residents are of the same gender.The building is mixed-gender, but residents on a corridor are of the same gender.
    • All Gender Corridors: Roommates are the same gender, but the corridor may be mixed-gender. Bathrooms are designated male, female or gender inclusive. You will not be assigned to a mixed-gender corridor unless you request it or are admitted into a Michigan Learning Community that consists mostly of mixed-gender corridors.
  • Students with Disabilities and Health Accommodations: We will work with students with a disability to meet their individual needs and will engage in an interactive process to determine reasonable accommodations. Learn more on our Additional Living Options page.

  • Religious Observance: We recognize student observance of their faith tradition may require consideration for placement in on-campus housing. Learn more on our Additional Living Options page.

  • Gender Inclusive Housing: We offer a variety of gender inclusive housing options. If you are interested in a gender inclusive room or apartment space, visit our Additional Living Options page.

  • Michigan Learning Communities: Michigan Learning Communities provide smaller communities that focus on the exploration of a specific field of study. These communities are typically not available for winter term students. However if you are interested, you may contact the community directly via their website.

  • Roommate Request: Due to limited Winter room availability we are unable to guarantee roommate requests of any kind.

  • Housing Policies: Please read the Michigan Housing Policies.
  • Technology: Please read the Proper Use Agreement for technology.

If you have any questions, email us at [email protected]