Room/Apartment Swaps for --Residence Halls & Northwood III

University Housing provides a room swap bulletin board on this website. We do not facilitate room swaps in any other way. Swaps are only allowed between U-M enrolled students with signed Housing contracts.

Contract holders may agree to a room swap in the same hall, in two different halls, or, for eligible students, from a residence hall to Northwood III apartment or vice versa. You cannot “swap” into a vacant space, nor can you swap into a space for which you are not eligible. (Eligibility usually relates to gender or academic year, but could also relate to an academic program or other consideration.)

If the swap results in a change to your housing type, you will be billed (or credited) based on the rate of the space into which you are moving. If you move into a substance-free space, you will have to abide by the substance-free policies.

Due to the differences in the Housing application processes and contracts, Martha Cook residents cannot swap out of their residence.

You may agree with another U-M enrolled student with a signed University Housing contract to swap rooms from April 4 to August 15 in the Housing Information Office. Swaps requested after August 15 need to wait until fall semester move-in.  All swaps must be authorized by University Housing.

  1. Find a student who would like to trade places with you. To do this, complete an online swap ad. Include info on the type of swap you’re interested in making.
  2. We will post your ad on the room swap bulletin board for three weeks. If you would like to run your ad for more than three weeks, you will need to resubmit it.
  3. Review male or female swap ads from others.
  4. When you find a match, contact the Housing Information Office to learn how best to proceed if before August 14.  If after move-in, both students should go together to the Community Center of their complex.
Residents should not be pressured to make a rooms swap, including taking and/or making offers of monetary compensation or other incentives or rewards. University Housing will remove any mentions of such offers from the listings. In addition, room swaps made to circumvent the waitlist/assignment process will be null and void.

University Housing is a unit of Student Life, and an equal opportunity educator and employer.

For housing related questions, please contact University Housing.
Phone: (734) 763-3164