Room & Board Rates

  • All residence hall and Northwood III freshman rates include the Unlimited Basic Meal Plan. Students living in a residence hall or the freshman area of Northwood III are required to purchase a meal plan for both Fall and Winter Terms. If you select a meal plan other than the Unlimited Basic Meal Plan, there may be an additional cost. Upper level students residing in the apartments may purchase a meal plan but it is not mandatory.
  • For in-depth descriptions and photo slideshows, view our Room-Type Gallery.
  • Winter housing rates are half of the full year rates listed below.
  • Looking for spring/summer housing rates? Go to Spring/Summer Housing.
Residence Hall Room Type Fall/Winter
Room & Board Rates
RATE Type 1$13,558
Single with private bath 
RATE Type 2$12,228
Baits single with shared corridor bath  
2-room double with private bath 
2-room triple with private bath 
2-room quad with private bath 
Double in 4-person suite 
Double in 5-person suite 
Oxford 2-room triple with private bath  
Oxford 2-room quad with private bath 
RATE Type 3$11,482
Double with private bath 
Baits single in three-person suite  
Triple in five-person suite 
Triple with private bath 
Two-room double  
NW III single in three-person suite with shared bath (freshman housing) 
RATE Type 4$10,246
Baits double with shared corridor bath  
Baits double with shared bath  
Baits double in three-person suite  
Baits two-room double with shared bath  
Large triple 
2-room triple 
Large quad 
Overflow double / triple / quad  
Oxford large double  
NW III double in three-person suite (freshman housing) 
NW III 2-room double with shared bath (freshman housing) 
RATE Type 5 $9,060
Fletcher 2-room triple
RATE TYPE 6$9,652
Economy Double
RATE TYPE 7$8,464
Economy Triple

Northwood II & III Apartments

Meal plans are optional for undergrads in residing in upper level (sophomore, junior, senior) housing areas of Northwood II & III. Meal plan costs are not included in the rates shown below.The selection of a meal plan will affect your actual room and board cost.

Apartment Types
Apartment Rate 2 $8,204
1 Bedroom, 1 Occupant
Apartment Rate 3 $7,458
Economy 1 Bedroom, 1 Occupant, Lower/Upper
Studio, 1 Occupant
2 Bedroom, 2 Occupants
Apartment Rate 9 $5,978
1 Bedroom, 2 Occupants


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