2017-2018 Rental Rates

Northwood Community Apartments and Munger Graduate Residences

Monthly rental rates include utilities. 

Rates are approved by the University of Michigan Board of Regents. The University of Michigan Board of Regents approves final rates in June for the subsequent July 1-June 30 period. 

 Northwood ApartmentsStudent RateNon-Student Rate
Studio Apartment$893N/A
1-Bedroom Economy$893N/A
1-Bedroom $951$1,020
1-Bedroom with A/C$1,010$1,076
2-Bedroom with A/C$1,217$1,297
3 Bedroom Row$1,226$1,311
3-Bedroom Square$1,238$1,322
3- Bedroom "L" shaped$1,238$1,322
3-Bedroom Row with A/C$1,294$1,381
3-Bedroom with A/C$1,304$1,392
3-Bedroom "L" shaped with A/C$1,304$1,392
3-Bedroom Square with A/C$1,304$1,392

Shared Units for Grad Students

 Northwood ApartmentsStudent RateNon-Student Rate
2 Bedroom – 2 Occupants$602N/A
2 Bedroom – 2 Occupants with AC$635N/A
2 bedroom with study$635N/A
2 bedroom with study with AC$671N/A

Shared Units
  Student Rate Non-Student Rate
2 Bedroom – 2 Occupants $583 N/A
2 Bedroom – 2 Occupants with AC $613 N/A
2 bedroom with study $617 N/A
2 bedroom with study with AC $650 N/A

Munger ResidencesRATE
1-bedroom in 7 person apartment$902
1 bedroom in 6 person apartment$955

Your Housing Contract

  • All Northwood contracts will end June 30, 2018.
  • Munger has two contract terms that will end either May 23, 2018 or July 23, 2018.


University Housing is a unit of Student Life, and an equal opportunity educator and employer.

For housing related questions, please contact University Housing.
Email: housing@umich.edu
Phone: (734) 763-3164