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Housing and COVID-19: the latest public health guidelines and testing information.

Safety and Security

Entry and Room Search
Entry and search may be necessary, and the University may exercise its contractual right to conduct either or both under certain circumstances. M Housing recognizes and respects your desire for privacy, especially within the context of a group living environment. In its efforts to protect this desire, M Housing has defined the conditions under which authorized University personnel may enter or search your room. The following procedures have been developed as a guide for M Housing staff to enable them to perform their duties and to maintain certain standards while at the same time giving due recognition to the privacy which is desired by individual residents. The following University and University-affiliated personnel are authorized to enter under the terms described below:

  • Full-time professional staff members of M Housing (e.g., Hall Directors and Facilities personnel).
  • Housing Security Officers with the Division of Public Safety and Security.
  • Employees of the University’s Department of Environment, Health and Safety (OSEH).
  • University and non-University personnel contracted to perform maintenance, repair or other services on behalf of M Housing.
  • Other members of University staff and/or authorities may enter under the conditions described below when accompanied by a member of the professional or resident staff. In an emergency situation, fire department personnel may enter unaccompanied.

Entry Procedures:

1. The University reserves the right to enter your room/apartment and bedroom:

  • to provide maintenance or housekeeping services
  • to verify occupancy
  • to conduct sanitation, maintenance, or safety reviews
  • to exhibit the room to contractors or workers
  • if there exists a clear indication or reasonable cause to believe that there is a violation of an established conduct or health and safety standard
  • in the event of an emergency to protect life, limb or property and to mitigate any hazard or threat to the community

2. Students are expected to comply with any safety and health guidance adopted by M Housing or the University as it relates to professional staff entering residential spaces.

3. If it is necessary, under the conditions outlined, for authorized University personnel to enter a room when no resident is present, the resident(s) will be notified of the entry and the reason for the entry. This provision does not apply to housekeeping and maintenance personnel performing routine duties, or to staff conducting a Health and Safety review, for which prior notification of residents is required. These reviews traditionally take place at the beginning of fall term, during winter break and at the end of winter term. These reviews may take place at any time during 12-month occupancy with appropriate notice.

4. The Division of Public Safety and Security will be called to remove an item of personal property from a room without prior consultation with the owner when it is the judgment of the staff member that the item represents an imminent hazard to property or the resident(s) of that room or the community at large.

5. If illegal goods are found and confiscated during the authorized room search, the resident may be subject to criminal prosecution and disciplinary action.

6. M Housing staff is also authorized to remove from a resident room clearly identifiable University property not provided as part of the room furnishings. If an item is removed under the above conditions, the resident will be notified of the removal. If the removed item may be legally possessed by the resident, but is in violation of these Policies and Procedures, the Community Living Standards (identified in this document), or the Statement of Student Rights and Responsibilities, it may be claimed by the resident but cannot be retained in the building.

7. For shared rooms, the University reserves the right to prepare the vacant space for a new occupant.

Missing Persons
If someone has a concern that a student resident is missing, this concern should be reported to a M Housing professional staff member. Housing Security in collaboration with Residence Education and other Housing partners will conduct a preliminary investigation in order to verify the situation, and will obtain information around circumstances that relate to the student in question. If preliminary investigations are unsuccessful in locating the student and/or show cause for concern, Housing Security immediately will engage the U-M Police Department for assistance and formal reporting. UMPD will make notification to the confidential contact designated by the student, if the student is deemed missing through investigative efforts. That contact will be made within 24 hours of that determination.


Fire Safety
Every M Housing facility is furnished with fire extinguishers and smoke detectors. In Northwood Community Apartments and Munger Graduate Residences, periodically check the fire extinguisher gauge to be certain that it is fully charged. In Northwood IV and V, push the test button of your smoke alarm monthly to be sure that the detector is operating properly. If either the fire extinguisher is not fully charged or the smoke detector does not work, please request service by calling POCC at 734-647-2059

  • Dial 911 to report a fire or other emergency
  • Always turn the stove or oven off when not in use
  • Do not use stove or oven as heat source
  • Always use UL-approved extension cords, appliances and electronic equipment
  • Do not run extension cords under carpets, hang them from nails, staple them to walls, or run them outside
  • In Northwood Community Apartments (where applicable), Munger Graduate Residences, and in community laundry rooms, clean clothes dryer lint filter after each use

In order to maintain clear and safe egress pathways and in an effort to achieve full compliance with existing life safety and fire safety laws, codes and rules, both State and Federal, the following decoration protocols shall be observed in all M Housing Residence Halls.

Fire Safety and Decorations
When planning a decorating program, the following regulations must be observed:

  • Combustible materials such as cotton batting, straw, dry vines, leaves, trees (cut or live), artificial flowers, shrubbery, and foam-type plastic materials shall not be used for decorative purposes.
  • There shall be no public areas in the building that are decorated or otherwise adorned outside of the designated posting boards in each building (or residential room doors as detailed above). Wall space shall not be covered with postings or decorations of any kind. No decorations or displays shall be placed in any public area.
  • Decorations found to be in violation of this policy may be removed and discarded without notice. When notice is possible, the person responsible for the violation will be given an opportunity to immediately remove the material.

With written permission from the Hall Director or Community Center Manager, programmatic banners or posters may be posted in areas other than those detailed above.