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Housing and COVID-19: the latest public health guidelines and testing information.


Keys/Keycards and Mcards
All University-provided keys/keycards are the property of the University of Michigan. Unauthorized use, possession or duplication of M Housing keys/keycards and Mcards is prohibited. No additional locks or locking devices attached to doors are permitted. Residents may not lend their key/keycard/Mcard to any other individual or leave it unattended and accessible. (See also Room Access in the Community Living Standards.)

Northwood Community Apartments Key Replacement
Any lost entry or mailbox keys should be reported to the Community Center immediately. A lost or stolen key may necessitate the replacement of the locking core. You are responsible for any and all charges, including replacement keys for yourself, contract holders, household members, guests, visitors or any roommate(s), replacement of the lock cores and replacement keys.

Northwood Key Distribution:

  • Individual and Family Apartments: One apartment key is issued for each adult listed on the contract up to two adults. Additional keys for other adult household members may be issued. One mailbox key is issued for each apartment.
  • Shared Apartments (Roommates): One front door key and mailbox key is issued to each contract holder. No additional keys will be issued.
  • All keys must be returned upon move-out. The contract holder will be responsible for the replacement costs for the core and keys for any keys not returned. All apartment keys also open the laundry rooms.

Residents who are locked out of their apartment or room may borrow a key from the Community Center during regular business hours with proper identification. When the Community Center is closed, residents should request lockout assistance from the Division of Public Safety and Security at 734-763-1131 and have the appropriate identification available. A borrowed key must be returned to the Community Center. No individuals will be admitted to an apartment or room other than their own.