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Housing and COVID-19: the latest public health guidelines and testing information.

I. Prohibited and Regulated Items

9.1 Prohibited Items
The following items are prohibited within M Housing. If any of these articles is found to be in a resident space, the resident(s) will be requested to remove it from the building immediately. If the item is not removed within a specified timeframe or in cases where the safety of residents may be at risk, M Housing reserves the right to impound unauthorized or prohibited personal property. Residents will be held financially and contractually responsible for damages incurred as a result of possession or use of prohibited items. M Housing reserves the right to prohibit or request the removal of additional items on a case-by-case basis.

Prohibited items may include:

  • Air conditioners not owned and installed by M Housing (*Northwood Community Apartments – contact
  • Bed risers and other materials that elevate the bed or other modular furniture elements that is not shown in one of the manufacturer’s approved configurations (see Furnishings and Lofts)
  • Wireless routers and other technologies (see U-M Network Proper Use Agreement) (except in Northwood IV and V Community Apartments)
  • Coffee Makers without an automatic shutoff
  • Candles and incense
  • Drug-related paraphernalia (e.g., bong, pipe, vaporizers)
  • Water pipes (hookahs)
  • Electric blankets or fireplaces
  • Electrical Outlet Extenders (devices that can be screwed into a light bulb socket that has an electrical outlet – the light bulb is then screwed into the extender)
  • Extension cords higher than 16 gauge (e.g., 18 or 20 gauge)
  • Firearms, fireworks, explosives, ammunition
  • Foil-lined cupboards, stove, and/or walls
  • Fog machines
  • Gasoline and highly flammable substances
  • Resident Grills (undergraduate residence halls/apartments and Munger Graduate Residences only)
  • Halogen lamps or bulbs (all types, including clip-on, torchiere and desk styles)
  • Heating pads without an automatic shutoff
  • Hot plates or any cooking appliance with exposed elements
  • Hoverboards
  • Humidifiers of all types unless there is documented medical need (Contact with documentation)
  • Items in basement that prevent easy access to drains and mechanical equipment
  • Locks, latches, or similar devices (for interior or exterior doors) beyond what is provided by M Housing
  • Mercury thermometers (If a mercury thermometer on campus breaks, the resident will be charged for the mercury spill cleanup with costs ranging from $300 or more.)
  • Natural, cut trees, branches, and/or greens (such as holiday trees, wreaths, and garlands)
  • Oil-based popcorn poppers
  • Pesticides (such as commercially available bug bombs, bug spray, or poison bait)
  • Pianos and organs (except in Northwood I, II, IV, V Community Apartments)
  • 3D Printers
  • Refrigerators not owned by M Housing greater than 5.5-cubic foot capacity and/or amperage draw of more than 1.5 amps
  • Rice cookers without an automatic shutoff
  • Satellite dishes mounted in any fashion to any interior or exterior area
  • Sleeping pods, capsules, or enclosures that interfere with hearing a fire alarm or evacuating a room or building
  • Slow cookers (including hotpots, instant pots, and crockpots) (except in Northwood Community Apartments and Munger Graduate Residences)
  • S’mores makers
  • Space heaters (*Northwood Community Apartments – review the regulated items section for exceptions)
  • Subwoofers
  • Tanning beds
  • Toasters and toaster ovens within residence halls
  • Trampolines
  • Vent covers
  • Warmers for candles, oils, or waxes
  • Waterbeds/water chairs
  • Weapons, including Airsoft gun, paintball guns, knives with blades longer than three (3) inches, and any weapons used for decorative or collecting purposes (Kitchen knives with blades longer than three (3) inches will not be considered weapons in the Northwood Community Apartments and Munger Graduate Residences because these dwellings have kitchens in each unit.)

9.2 Regulated Items
All items on the Regulated Items list must, where applicable, be Underwriters Laboratory (UL)-certified. This is not an all-inclusive list; if you are unsure about an item, check with You will be held responsible for damages incurred as a result of unsafe use of permitted items.

  • Freezers, dishwashers, and additional refrigerators (allowed in Northwood IV and V only)
  • Grills/Barbeque grills: only commercially purchased charcoal or propane may be used in Northwood Community Apartments. The use of any grill at any time must occur outside of the apartment on the ground level in an open-air environment. Burning of wood, twigs, dry brush, and other items is prohibited. Use of grills on upper level stairwell landings is prohibited. Propane tanks are allowed outside of the apartments for use with gas grills only.
  • Outdoor playground equipment and inflatable toys, exceeding six feet in height. All outdoor toys are the responsibility of each resident; they should be labeled properly and should not be left outside in courtyards, common areas or in sandboxes. All toys need to be placed indoors or stored in areas specifically designated for storage such as fenced toy lots or apartment patios when not being used. Parents and/or legal guardians will be held responsible if their toys or equipment contribute to an unsafe condition or negative appearance that impacts the aesthetics of the overall Northwood Community. Some examples include toys or equipment that obstruct walkways, ingress, and egress or appear to be broken and/or abandoned. Toys/outdoor equipment that are not properly labeled and/or stored will be visibly tagged for potential removal by University staff. If after 48 hours the tagged item has not been removed or stored it may be removed by University staff.
  • Patio furniture is allowed but must remain in patio areas. In the event University personnel are required to move such furniture to conduct their duties, the University will not be responsible for damages. Residents will be held financially responsible for any labor charges. No personal furniture is permitted on the Munger Graduate Residence rooftop.
  • Personal cooking devices and/or microwaves are not permitted in individual student rooms in Munger Graduate Residences.
  • Surface water pools are permitted in NW I, II, IV and V and cannot exceed four feet in diameter and two feet in depth. Children in or around pools must be supervised by a parent or someone charged by the parent with the responsibility of supervision at all times. Pools must be emptied (and stored in a manner that prevents water from collecting) when not in use. There are no pools permitted on the Munger Graduate Residence rooftop.
  • Space heaters (Northwood Community Apartments only): Portable electric baseboard and flat panel heaters are permitted. These heaters must meet the following criteria: (a) must be electrically powered, (b) must be an oil-filled heater, (c) must have automatic overheat shutoff protection, and (d) must automatically shut off when tipped over
  • Washers and dryers are permitted in Northwood I if a hookup is present and can be rented (See Laundry Options
  • No unauthorized appliances such as under the counter dishwashers are allowed in all of Northwood.
  • Bidets are permitted as medical accommodations with approval from the Housing Information Office or as a religious or cultural accommodation with approval from Diversity & Inclusion in coordination with the Housing Information Office. A bidet cannot be installed until approval has been confirmed.

9.3 Religious and Cultural Accommodations
Candles, incense, and smudging are permitted for religious or cultural observances with approval from M Housing. Residents are required to e-mail Diversity & Inclusion ( to discuss requests that involve the use of celebratory candles, incense, or smudging materials. See 9.2 Regulated Items for requests involving bidets.

Outdoor religious structures (i.e. sukkahs) must be approved via the University Outdoor Event Policy.

For questions about religious and cultural accommodations, please reach out to

9.4 Community Memorials
Memorials are permitted with approval by Housing Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution and are not to block hallways, walkways, or other areas of egress. HSCR will work with the requesting student to find an appropriate space. (Requests should be directed to Memorials are permitted to remain up for 15 days.