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Housing and COVID-19: the latest public health guidelines and testing information.

Housekeeping and Maintenance

Housekeeping and Pest Control

  • Residents are responsible for maintaining their rooms and apartments at a level of cleanliness that discourages pests, mold, bacterial growth and other health and safety hazards. This responsibility applies to kitchens, appliances, furnishings and any bathroom contained within the space or any bathroom with access limited to a specific, small group of residents (e.g., bathrooms associated with an apartment, a designated cluster of student rooms, or a suite such as those in Baits II Houses, Northwood Community Apartments, North Quad, Munger Graduate Residences, or Oxford Housing. 

M Housing may conduct proactive Health and Safety reviews in residential spaces up to twice a year.

  • You are expected to call the Plant Operations Call Center (POCC) number 734-647-2059 promptly if pest activity is discovered and cooperate fully with the University’s prevention and/or treatment program for the elimination of pests on the premises. Every M Housing facility is inspected periodically for signs of insect activity as part of the routine inspection process. Inspections sometimes involve minor applications of insecticide and/or flushing agents. You will be notified prior to each inspection. It is not necessary to be present for such inspections and no preparation will be required. If a problem is identified, a more thorough inspection and treatment will be scheduled; this typically requires some preparation by residents. Use of commercially available pesticides by residents is not allowed (see Prohibited Items).

Rooms and Apartments with Kitchens:

  • Cupboards, Cabinets and Shelves: Do not use adhesive-coated or self-stick products to line cabinet or closet shelves. Do not cover cabinet doors or kitchen walls with aluminum foil, plastic wrap or newspaper. This becomes a breeding ground for pests and is also an extremely dangerous fire hazard.
  • Garbage Disposal: Do not allow grease or hard waste such as meat/poultry, bones, eggshells, rice, tea bags or fruit pits to enter the disposal.
  • Kitchen Stoves: Some apartment stoves are gas appliances. Pilot lights cause the stove to have warm spots. The oven has a safety delay of up to one minute before igniting. If you hear or smell a gas leak, vacate the apartment immediately and then call the Plant Operations Call Center (POCC) at 734-647-2059.
  • Northwood, Oxford, Baits, and Munger Graduate Housing: Garbage should not be placed in stairways, breezeways, courtyards, vestibules, patios, storage rooms, or anywhere other than in the designated areas such as dumpsters and trash chutes.

Maintenance Requests and Repairs
In order for M Housing to provide efficient, quality maintenance service, you are required to report all problems, defects or dangerous conditions as soon as they become apparent. You must also notify the other occupants, guests and invitees of any defects or dangerous conditions and take due precaution to avoid injury to persons or property until the defect or condition can be repaired.

The University agrees to keep facilities in reasonable repair during the term of the contract, and maintain the room or apartment in compliance with applicable regulations. The University will make all necessary repairs within a reasonable time after notice of the need for repairs. Problems with essential services such as heat and hot water or correction of a hazardous condition will be addressed by the University and fixed as soon as reasonably possible.

Submitting Requests for Maintenance or Repair
Emergency requests (such as loss of electricity, gas leak, water problem, or heat problem) should be called into the Plant Operations Call Center (POCC) at 734-647-2059.

For non-emergency repairs submit an online request. By requesting a repair, you grant permission for facilities and maintenance personnel to enter your room or apartment when you are not present.

There will be cases when a work order has been submitted by someone other than a resident of the contracted space (examples of maintenance include work such as installing a window screen or replacing a peephole). It may not be possible for advance notice to be provided to the residents. Notice will be provided after maintenance work has occurred in the space.

Northwood residents are responsible for the initial handling of these common maintenance problems:

  • Lighting pilot lights on the kitchen stove/oven. A pilot igniter is available in NW units
  • Replacing burnt-out light bulbs (refrigerator, stove, or ceiling)
  • Plunging clogged toilets

Munger Graduate residents are responsible for the initial handling of these common maintenance problems:

  • Plunging clogged toilets

If efforts to resolve these problems are not successful, residents should submit a service request online or by contacting POCC at 734-647-2059 for all emergencies and pest problems. Other concerns such as condition of furniture and appliances, grounds or snow removal problems, parking issues, lock-outs, cable TV, and questions concerning programs and services should be directed to your Community Center during regular business hours.