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Housing and COVID-19: the latest public health guidelines and testing information.

Guiding Policies & Procedures

Community Living at Michigan (“CLAM”) includes three documents: (i) the Community Living Standards (“CLS”); (ii) these Housing Policies and Procedures; and (iii) the housing contract each student contract holder enters with the University (“Housing Contract”). Residential students and contract holders are responsible for the expectations and procedures contained within all the CLAM documents.

Housing Policies and Procedures describes policies and procedures designed to ensure the smooth functioning of M Housing facilities and apply to all M Housing unless otherwise noted. Some individual halls, communities, and departments in M Housing have additional policies and procedures. Residents who live in those communities or are members of those groups agree to abide by the additional policies and procedures as part of their contract, as well as by those described in this document. Policies and procedures may be changed from time to time.