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Housing and COVID-19: the latest public health guidelines and testing information.

E. Noise and Quiet Hours

5.1 Noise in M Housing Spaces and Community Areas
Noise and activities that disrupt study sleep and “quiet hours” (as described below) are prohibited in M Housing. During quiet hours, spaces should be free from excessive noise. Residents participating in noise-producing activities, such as conversation, listening to music, or watching television, are expected to keep their doors closed. Sounds from these and any activities should not be audible outside the space. Any noise made in lounges or other common areas should not be audible inside resident spaces that have their doors closed. Housing staff may request residents to cease an activity in order to limit noise that could adversely affect the community. Courtesy is expected 24 hours a day.

Quiet hours Residence Halls and Northwood I, II, III are:
Sunday–Thursday, 11 pm–8 am
Friday–Saturday, 12 am–9 am

Quiet hours for Northwood IV & V are:
Daily, 9pm – 9am

Quiet Hours for Munger Graduate Residences are:
Sunday–Thursday, 11 pm–8 am
Friday–Saturday, 12 am–9 am

5.2 Extended Quiet Hours
During study days and final exam periods, 24-hour quiet hours are in effect.

5.3 Musical Instruments
Musical instruments (traditional instruments as well as computer-assisted music systems) may be used in assigned space (with the consent of all roommates) during posted non-quiet hours as described in 5.1. Courtesy is expected 24 hours a day. Practice rooms or designated lounges may be available. Specific hall regulations regarding use, reservations, and hours for piano playing should be respected at all times.