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Housing and COVID-19: the latest public health guidelines and testing information.

Check In and Check Out

Checking In
For undergraduate housing, the contract shows your designated check-in time. If needed, check the M Housing website for hours of operation of your assigned Community Center. If you expect to arrive on or close to a holiday please review the website for specific hours of operation. If you arrive after-hours you will need to make arrangements for other accommodations such as a hotel. In an emergency situation, you may call Housing Security at (734) 763-1131.

If check-in does not occur within twenty-four (24) hours after the contract takes effect, you may be reassigned to another M Housing room and will be held responsible for full payment of room and board on the reassigned premises. If you will be arriving late you may hold your original assignment by notifying the Housing Information Office in writing prior to your check-in time.

Early Move-In
The policies and procedures within this document apply to students who request and are granted permission to reside in their assigned space prior to the start date of their contract. A fee may be associated with moving in early.

Condition upon arrival
All residents must electronically complete an assessment of the condition of your assignment at the time you move into a M Housing room/apartment (e.g., Apartment Condition Report [ACR], Room Condition Inventory [RCI]).

Checking out
Residents vacating their room at the end of the contract term, or because of a contract reassignment or termination, must turn in any University-provided keys/keycards and mailbox keys to the Community Center associated with their residence. The contract holder will be responsible for the replacement costs for the core and keys for any keys not returned. Residents who do not complete required checkout procedures at their Community Center may continue to be held responsible for all room charges until their checkout date is officially recorded by M Housing.

At the conclusion of academic terms (fall, winter, spring or summer), Students holding 9-month contracts are expected to vacate their room within 24 hours after their last exam but no later than their contract end date. See the extended stay process for Students who wish to stay past the contract end date. Non-student and Student contract holders without final exams must vacate by the end of the contract date. Additional information is available on the website referencing different areas of M Housing.

Complete a change of address form at any designated US Postal Service (USPS) branch to ensure you receive mail delivered by the USPS.

Condition upon Checkout
You are responsible for any charges incurred should M Housing be required to perform excess cleaning or repair damages discovered in your room when you move out unless:

  • It was noted on the ACR/RCI.
  • It is normal wear and tear.
  • It is a maintenance problem that arose during the year and was properly reported.

An M Housing staff member determines the final room condition. This includes checking walls, ceilings, woodwork, floors, interior and exterior fixtures and furnishings. All University-provided furnishings must be in the room in original condition upon checkout, or charges may be incurred for moving, repair and/or replacement costs.

Pre-Inspections in Northwood Community Apartments and Munger Graduate Residences
Housing wants to assist in your effort to leave the apartment in a condition that meets M Housing’s expectations. In addition, we need to evaluate as soon as possible whether any major repairs will be required for the next occupant. To meet these needs, a pre-inspection will occur prior to move out. This process typically requires 10-15 minutes. Residents are not required to be present and an appointment cannot be scheduled for the pre-inspection. We are not assessing the apartment for damage costs during the pre-inspection; that assessment is made at the final inspection. However, if the condition of the apartment does not meet Housing standards, you will be notified by Housing staff so you can correct the problems before the final inspection when damage charges are assessed. Upon termination of the contract, or if you abandon the room/apartment, the University shall have, and is hereby granted, full and free license to remove all your property or the property of others from the premises without being guilty of trespass, eviction or forcible entry and detainer and without relinquishing the University’s right to payment or any other right given by the contract.

If you are physically absent from the room/apartment and owe unpaid M Housing charges, or if the University has reason to believe in good faith that you have vacated with no intent to continue living in your assigned space, then it will be deemed conclusively to have been abandoned by you and the University may immediately terminate the contract and retake possession of the room. In addition to any other of its remedies, the University may enter into an abandoned room/apartment to perform maintenance, repairs and to reassign.

Upon abandonment of the room, the University shall have, and is hereby granted, full and free license to remove all your property or others from the room/apartment without being guilty of trespass, eviction or forcible entry and detainer and without relinquishing the University’s right to rent or any other right given by the contract. A determination that the room/apartment is abandoned shall also constitute a conclusive determination that you relinquish ownership of personal property remaining in the room. Any property which may be removed from the room/apartment by the University, to which you or others are or may be entitled, shall be handled or removed by the University at your risk, cost and expense. The University shall in no event be responsible as a warehouseman, bailee or otherwise for any property left in or around the room/apartment by you or others, or for the value, preservation, or safekeeping of it. You shall pay to the University upon demand any and all expenses incurred in property removal, handling, storage, and disposal. After 30 days any property removed from the room/apartment that remains unclaimed becomes the property of the University.

Since M Housing provides storage for abandoned property as a service and without compensation, it is a gratuitous bailee under the law. That is, it does not undertake to exercise other than reasonable care and good faith in maintaining security in storage areas. M Housing assumes no legal responsibility for loss or damage to abandoned items held in designated storage areas. M Housing and the University disclaim any and all liability, notwithstanding the above, which arises from natural disasters or other circumstances beyond their control.