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Housing and COVID-19: the latest public health guidelines and testing information.

First-Year Application Information – DRAFT

Start here for an overview of our room assignment process and for tips on filling out your first-year resident application.

Winter First-year and Transfer Information

Joining us in January? You’ll find the winter application timeline, helpful tips and important information on our winter application page.


Fall first-Year Housing Assignment OVerview


After U-M receives or waives your enrollment deposit, we will send you an email with a link to the Michigan Housing application. Usually it will come within three weeks. If you’ve submitted your enrollment deposit and waited three weeks but have not received an email (and it’s after April 3rd), contact us through the HELP link. Make sure you include your U-M ID number.


Fill out your application and return it by the deadline date indicated in your email. Usually your deadline date will be 30 days after you receive the application.


In June we begin our rolling process of assigning rooms. Room assignment emails come out in waves through mid-August and are random. The day you receive your assignment  has no bearing on where you will live. (In other words, there are a variety of room types and locations available all the way through our assignment process.) Please submit your contract within three days of receiving it.


If you have already received your room assignment, we will send you an email linking you to your mailing address, roommate information, approximate room dimensions, and move-in details—including an unloading permit, driving directions and move-in time slot. If you have not received your assignment by the 15th, please contact us through our HELP link and include your U-M ID number. Fall term room and board payment is due in August.


Undergraduate move-in begins. Check our move-in page for dates and details. 

Transfer Student Housing Assignment Overview

Welcome transfer students! You will receive an email notification when it’s time for you to apply for on-campus housing. We begin sending out fall term housing information in April. We send out winter term Housing information in early November. If you don’t receive an email (including a link to your housing application) within four weeks of your enrollment deposit being received or waived, contact us through HELP and include your U-M ID number.

Important Information

  • Submitting an application is not a contractual agreement. You are legally bound to a room only when you sign your contract.

  • Please return your contract within 30 days. Unfortunately, if we do not hear from you by then, we will have to cancel the contract.

  • Once an assignment has been made, it cannot be changed. If you refuse your assignment, we cannot offer you a new assignment until the first day of classes, if there are vacancies.

  • When assigning rooms, we do not consider academic unit, employment location, family alumni status or any other factors that are not included on the application.

  • First-year students can be assigned to a room with an upper-level undergraduate student.

  • If you are 17 years old by the time your contract starts, you will be placed with a first-year student.

  • Michigan Housing is committed to a policy of equal opportunity for all persons and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, disability, religion, height, weight or veteran status.

  • First-year students are not required to live on campus although 97% choose to do so.

Housing Application Tips

We want to help you find a home that is right for you. To prepare for the application, please give some thought to the questions below. It will be helpful to read all the way through the list to get a good idea of the question order. You can also learn more about some specific options by visiting our Additional Living Options page. When you receive your application you will have 30 days to return it, so you will have time to explore these questions then, too.
  • Your Information: Do you know your unique name and password? You will need them to fill out the application. If you need help, contact ITS Service Center.
  • Room Environment: Let us know if you are a non-smoker, smoker (all U-M buildings are smoke-free), allergic to smoke or substance-free. Substance-free room options offer an additional measure of support for students who choose not to drink, smoke or use illegal drugs.
  • Rate Type: What type of room would you like? Single, double, triple? Room and board rates are determined by the basic room type, regardless of features and amenities such air conditioning, room size, whether or not a building is new or renovated, location or proximity to dining. Most first-year students will be assigned to double or triple rooms, but there are some singles available. On your application, you will be asked to choose two room-type groups, your first choice and your second choice. Each of the room-types and rates below include the Unlimited Basic meal plan. If you'd like a different meal plan, you will be able to select it when submitting your contract. The groups are:
    • Group A (Single Room)
    • Group B (Two Room Triple or Quad w/non-community bath)
    • Group C (Double Room)
    • Group D (Triple Room)
    IMPORTANT: If the rates are marked "estimated" it's because you are looking at them before mid-June. The U-M Board of Regents does not approve final room and board rates until mid-June. Once they are approved, we update the information and replace the word "estimated" with the word "final". Bathroom information: Residence halls primarily have two bathroom options: Non-community bath (shared bathroom with 1–4 people in your room or suite) and community bath (shared bathroom with 10–60 people on your hall). The majority of rooms with non-community baths are located in Baits II. Baits II rooms feature a suite configuration with a connected or associated bathroom shared by 2 to 5 suitemates of the same gender. Very few rooms with non-community baths are available in the central campus/hill area. Please note: Students in suites/apartments/rooms with a private bath are responsible for cleaning their own bathrooms.
  • Room Location: If you are not applying to a Michigan Learning Community or theme community, which residential hall is your first choice? Your second choice?

  • Corridor Preference: Do you wish to live in an all-female building, a single-gender corridor in a mixed gender hall or a mixed gender corridor in a mixed gender hall?

  • Housing Considerations: Do you have any accommodation requests related to disabilities, chronic health conditions or religious observance? (If so, you will find special written guidelines within the application itself. You will also be asked to submit supporting documents within five days of returning your application.)

  • Gender Inclusive Housing: Because we are committed to providing a safe, inclusive and supportive experience for all students, we offer a variety of gender inclusive housing options. Would you like to live in a gender inclusive room? (This is room request information only and does not mean you will be living in the Gender Inclusive Living Experience (GILE) theme community.) If you choose this option you will be placed in a gender inclusive room in one of our residential halls.

  • Michigan Learning Communities: Do you want to apply for a Michigan Learning Community (MLC)? You can apply for up to two. MLC students room together, so if you are requesting a roommate, they need to apply and be accepted to the MLC, too. Please note: Some MLCs do not consider roommate requests in their room placements, some do. Contact the MLC directly with any questions. If you are interested in participating in a MLC, you will be prompted to fill out an additional application at the end of the "Michigan Housing Freshman Housing Application". Some MLCs require essays. You'll find the essay questions on the "How to Apply" page of the individual MLC websites.

  • Residential College or Honors Program: Have you been admitted to the Residential College or the Honors Program?

  • Theme Communities: Do you want to apply for a theme community? (You may apply for MLCs and 1 or 2 theme communities.) Theme community members room together. If you are requesting a roommate they need to apply and be accepted to the theme community, too. We do our best to honor roommate requests for theme communities.

  • Roommate Request: Would you like to explore roommate opportunities on the Roommate Finder, do you have a roommate in mind or would you like us to randomly pair you with a roommate? (You will be able to access the Roommate Finder on the same day our application process begins. The Roommate Finder closes on our application deadline date.) If you find a person you'd like to room with, you can add their information to your application up until 11:59, May 07, 2018.

  • Federal and Local Laws: Are you willing to comply with federal and local laws regarding the use of alcohol and drugs?

  • CLAM: Are you willing to agree to the Community Living at Michigan standards?

  • Technology: Are you willing to agree to the Proper Use Agreement for technology?

All right! You are ready to fill out your application once you receive it!